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Lev Timetables

In the real world, in this day and age (at least in my area) most bus stops have LED signs that tell you how far away the bus is. Could the mag-levs use a similar system? I just feel like, in the future, there would at least be a shitty little screen on the wall one could look at that would say "The E7 is 7 minutes away" or maybe even just "The E7 is currently at Ashlin Station" or something. Thoughts?

Fuck yes.

However, I can predict how this will be answered by the vast majority.

"We want it to waste your time and be a shitty experience. It's working as intended."

But wouldn't it do that anyways? Even in real life. Like "ugh my bus won't be here for 20 minutes. Guess it's time to stand here because I already paid to get in here."

Actually, Jago is wrong.

The answer is "This is a thing that exists ICly. Seek it out and make the power yours."

I totally agree with you guy.

But I'm just saying, they are going to justify it somehow.

I'm sure there are timetables accessible somewhere. My point was more specifically the idea of a screen visible in the stations themselves with an amount of time displayed as an estimate until the next train arrives.

Discussed and rejected already:

Well, logged in with the wrong account. *sigh*

This is a thing that exists ICly. Seek it out and make the power yours.

I believe this was already discussed on the Ideas forum, and most people said it was a good idea. Good ideas tend to get made, so it's only a matter of time before they're added.

It is a nice idea, it might one day come to fruition.

Just remember that not everything in the game will reflect real life for several reasons, the most important one to bear in mind is the Sindome is, in fact, a game. So expect some stuff to be a bit different from real life in order to achieve the game's needs.

When we say something is made to annoy you, it usually is. But it is not to fuck with the players but to insert a need, to have the carrot dangling in front of them and making them take action. Once lev fares become irrelevant to your character, the time they wait for it will become a nuisance and they will gravitate towards taxis, once the taxi prices become too much to bear the vehicles will look nicer and nicer.

Another example of similar game mechanics is not having lighters available on the same place you buy smokes.... Why? So the characters have to walk about, look for the lighters and, hopefully, get some RP between the stores. Or maybe they hire someone to get them what they want/need?

And this is not an excuse, it is a reason for many mechanics in the game.