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Looking for (character) artists

After some of the aweeeeeesome shit in the 'character arts' thread, I was wondering whether anyone who had said images done did them themselves or had other people do the art? I'm super keen to get my character drawn up, but don't really know where to look, thanks!

I drew my character myself. I just wish the picture hadn't uploaded so damn large :/

Mine was done by a former player who offered commission work from her DeviantArt page.

However, that person doesn't play anymore and has removed the commission info from her site.

The price was extremely low.

There are lots of artists though who offer this kind of thing on the internet. Try using Google to locate DeviantArt profiles which offer to do commission work, or, just Google for "find an artist on the internet for commissions", and pick someone who reveals their price range and a portfolio which matches what you're after.

I second the suggestion to browse DeviantArt, there are so many artists even highly skilled ones who take commissions for good prices. I'm waiting until my go-to artist is free to do a portrait of my character!

Check out and look under the artists.

Look at their pricing.

$5.00 to start, then it goes up from there depending on B&W or Color, Digital & Physical.

Look on Deviant Art too like suggested earlier.