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Maps for screen readers

Hello everyone.

Okay, so you're not used to seeing my name up here, because I'm usually the person who kind of ignores the boards.

However, I did want to make a post about maps for sindome for screen reader users.

First of all, I sincerely apologize, if I'm the only screen reader user currently playing sindome, I'm kind of assuming I'm not.

Anyways, a really good friend of mine, who plays Sindome, Hermes in game, not going to reveal the actual name out of respect, has created a map for me.

It's written all in text, super organized, clear cut, and really impressive if I do say so myself.

So, I thought it would be marvelous, if I could get it up here for other screen reader users, because I think that'll make it easier for us.

Also, I don't know what the staff think about this, but I was kind of hoping maybe we could get it like up on the grid?

Then people with screen readers can access this map via the grid, like everyone else in the game does.

I mean otherwise, they'd have to find the specific post or whatever, that has the map on it.

I don't know, this was just a random idea.

So far, I have maps for the gold and green sector.

The one for the red sector has not yet been made, but well my friend works fast, so he probably will make it sometime in the next week at the latest.

Please let me know what you think.

Thank you so much for listening to my ranting.

I second this.

I don't use a screen reader myself, but as I understand it, the game is generally very accessible to screen readers and whatnot.

It would be a shame if a semi-critical aspect of the game and a semi-key aspect of the grid missed out on this generally very good treatment.

Hello, and thank you, we appreciate this post.

There has already been some brainstorming and discussion on the admin side about this, and we have a plan to get some of the information which is in the maps into a non-graphical format.

Will you or the other player please email what was created to [email protected]?

Thanks a lot, let's work together, we didn't know this effort was already underway on the part of players.

Yes, I'll send what I have along. Yeah, I wasn't the one who created the map. :) My friend, just went and took the effort to do it. I looked at it, was so extremely impressed, that I thought I'd share the wealth. I'm sending it right now. Thank you so much.
I think a fair playing field is for everyone. If this is easier for screenreaders I don't see a problem with it. Sindome wants to be accessible for everyone, I think.
this is really exciting. I actually use a screen reader myself and know a few people on Sindome who do. currently, I know about four people who play SD with screenreaders and all of them would probably appreciate a text form of the map. I'm really happy that the staff is working on this too. It's really nice. The game is very conscious about this, and the players are too. Thanks for this idea.
Sharing this information oocly is against our rules and I will punish you for breaking our rules. I will have the map details integrated into the grid experience so you can be bound by the same rules as seeing players.
Okay, well the information was only given to me out of char, because I obviously don't have access to it on game. Also, as soon as I had the maps, I posted about it on the boards. I'm sorry if it's against your rules for me to get access to something that everyone else has access to. Especially when I posted about it on the boards, so that others can have access to it. I also just emailed the maps to [email protected] as I was asked, so you may take a look. It was never my intention to break the rules but as I've stated above, this info was only given to me, because I don't have said info on game. If that makes any sense at all.
Access to the maps is controlled via in-game mechanics. Not everyone does have access to them at all times. It relates to objects you are near or have on you (gotta have a computer to use the Internet, basically). So posting it oocly or sharing it oocly circumvents those in-game restrictions.

It's awesome that you did this, but the information isn't quite right. At least, I don't recall putting any apartment buildings in the gold sector or on its map. :)

is there a way mechanically that this can be done so that we can get a sort of access to this. not sure how it relates to some of the cybernetic stuff and things but it'd definitely help.
I plan to put it on the same page as the map the data relates to, so your screen readers should be able to work with it.

This is assuming your screen readers work with the grid in general -- I know its not a awesome experience but last I heard, it was mostly usable.

Okay well, the maps can be corrected. My friend may have gotten it wrong, and it can be corrected.

Also Johnny, I do understand the whole mechanical aspect of the game, and why it might be against regulations for me to have it oocc.

However, you have to consider it from my prospective.

I wouldn't have a map otherwise, unless I got it ooc if that makes any sense.

I don't have any problems getting rid of my ooc copy of the said map, if it gets integrated in the game, just as normal maps are.

However, I don't think it's necessarily fair, for me to be punished for having something, that people can usually get access to, by using the street term.

I'm not saying I don't understand it, or anything like that, just that I think it's a little lopsided.

I'll get you a solution in a few hours time. ;)
I think i've used the grid in most of it's applications and it's useable. i mean if you are blind and don't feel like working with something a bit to get it to work for the most part, then i don't think a lot of people really should help you out if you've not done your best to make it work. IMO though. you guys have it at the point where i don't think i've had a problem not sure if I should mention this here or where but the only thing i can think of really is that the inbox, outbox, and new em buttons in the NlM grid mail are all labeled message button, but that's about it i think. thanks Johnny for working on this stuff.
Is it? No, not for me. For my grid mail thing, the buttons are labled. Like for new mail it says newm and inbox it's something like inm so yeah.
let me check. it's not for me but i'm running an older model of screenreader so it could be that. don't think it is though. anyway. i am thus spewing nonsense then. :)
The Gold level map has been updated. Please check if its usable as presented. The text is somewhat more accurate than the map itself, but the map needs an update anyway.

The maps page now has alt text for the map thumbnails and there are text links as well.

it's great. thanks for the changes. i just read through it and it's simple and makes a whole lot of sense.
Yeah, it works absolutely marvelously, thank you to the staff for integrating that in to the grid.

Also, I want to take this time, to thank my friend, for coming up with the text version of the map.

I'm perfectly aware of the time and effort he spent on it, so I just wanted to say thank you so much.

I truly appreciate it.

I wanted to thank you on here, and personally, but I thought I'd post this up first.

Yes, thank you!

The doc prepared was quite useful in making the grid edits.

Ok, Red, Gold and Green map pages are all nice and updated. I'm sure everyone will find this helpful :)