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Can we??

Ok so we've always been tossing around the idea of having a MooBash and I've volunteered my house as the location! So, is anyone other then those of us around the NE area interested?

__ Yes

__ No

__ Maybe

check one ;)

Seriously, if you'd be interested post a time frame that would work best for you sometime this summer.

___ Yes

_X_ No

___ Maybe


:'( But But..I will drug you and drag you to my house then. >:O
I'm down, just gimme a heads up. I'll bring the beer, drugs, and prostitutes.

(Edited by Ihasamoney at 12:28 pm on Mar. 3, 2008)

I'm game always, though, we gotta get other chummer/chummetes from other places to come!

I have extra space as well if people need somewhere to sleep!  As I live like, two miles away from Lillith.

I'll be busy, unfortunatly.

I'm sure you guys want me there anyways :p

I'd love it if you were there bio, who else is gonna 'cause a drunken ruckus with me?

We can puke on couches, sodomize pets, and start fights!!

I suppose it would depend on when it is, but I'm down to bash the moo up a little.
I'm in the greater springfield area in Mass, sounds like fun....
There will be no sodomizing of my pets -.-

Seems like quite a bunch is down, but what time frames work best for you or would definitely not work?

Any Saturday or Sunday, any time-period on those days for me.

Boston area is about a 1 1/2-2hr drive from me...

So.. June? July? May?
I'm up for any point this summer, except the week of May 20th.... Age of Conan release =-x
I would love to come. I dont know that i'll be able this year. Maybe next. Hope everyone has a good time.
June in Boston ... is it hot and sticky? :paranoid:
Naaah only 90 with 50% humidity!


Sort of.

July and August are much worse I promise. Besides, we have beaches if you really want to go swimming!

And baseball!

But most importantly...


I still say midwest region is the best.

Missouri or Illinois! I won't be able to make a bash thats too far away due to job constraints. :(

No one else is in the midwest any more, we all moved to Boston :)

Some of us weren't IN the Midwest, though.


Oh yeah, South West. We get confused.
No, WE don't.

*eyes some more*


I mean, Colorado gets a whole. We think we're in the mid-west when we aren't. Unless we're south of Colo Springs or west of the mountains, then we -know-

I like July. July is great.

You know why July is great? Because it has ME on the east coast in July. Which is great.

Because I'm awesome.

Yes definitely! July then! Because you have to be here! And Chaos will come if you come.
This is the part where I hate on Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas.

Also, if we need even MORE sleeping space, some people can crash at my house.

Oh, and if you're driving in from some other part of the country, you have to bring drugs that are hard to get up here.

*eyes Lillith some more*


I'm sure someone can sleep on my couch too if need be. It's been done before. And.. by then I might have -more- couches.  Or, another one at least.

I really wanna go and July is meh Birthday too. Soo.. ill work on going and I hope  you guys bring plenty of booze and smokes.. *wink*
I regret I will not be able to use my hardened college skills to drink you all under a table... I will, however, be working at an internship that pays way too much and provides free housing... and i will be drinking heavily there.

So. I win. could take a weekend to come drink us all under the table.  


July is good...just not the tenth. Its my birthday and I have a quota to fill on such an occasion.
No kiddin' mines the 15.
I guess if Amy is going, I'll be the one driving her there.  :P  Slither, should we crash at your place or what?
*takes notes*
Erm, not until you guys have one in Japan will I be able to attend :(
If you buy my plane ticket and provide a place to sleep, i'll come to Japan for a Moobash =p
Another bump to fix it.
If it's in late July/early August, I can come.
Would be nice.

(Edited by Lena at 5:25 pm on Mar. 9, 2008)

Yeah, just give me a date and I'm there, I was planning on going up there this July/August to meet up with some family...
Just wanted to do a little update on the MooBash situation, June is out because I'm going to try and fly out to see family mid month. Hopefully, I say that about twice a year and never find the money to do it. But this time I SWEAR I really am going.
Well, that works for me, I'm going with the fiancee to Steamboat Springs, Co (if anyone knows where that is) so she can go to some class to get some license so she can start some job... *Shrugs* I'unno, I'm just told to follow along. But July looks good.
I think July 4th or around then would be good.  Boston is awesome 4th of july and the fireworks are great.  What do you guys think?  If it's gunna be later in July thats cool too.. but we need to start deciding!
Hmm, well if it's that early in July I may not make it, but I'm down to go mid-late July.  Trying to bring another SD'er but he's scared of flying...hehe
Pfft Moobash - springfield is this weekend!


That's -alot- closer to home, and if you woulda said MooBash Joplin I'd for sure be there, but don't really wanna make the drive to Springfield.
What state ya in?
Oklahoma.  I used to drive to Joplin about once a week atleast back when I done casino work.
Just for the record, It's springfield, massachusetts =]

I dont even know where Joplin is?!?! hehehehe

lmao...okay then, nevermind.  When I hear Springfield, I think of Missouri.  Okay scratch that.  And yea Joplin is a small city on the border of OK & MO
I'm definitely down for the 4th! I lurve Boston on the 4th. Something everyone should see.
Ummm....yeah, we drank a shitload and umm...its a giant drunk burn down your cube fest. You all lose!!! We win!!!

:bash: We banished ****.


The tentative date for the MooBash H20town (that's my house) is the second weekend in August, that is around the 9th and 10th.

Are there any objections to this?


On second thought I can't do it that weekend b/c my cousin is getting married...

So what about either the 3rd weekend or possibly 3rd or 4th in June? I know that might be a bit too soon for some of you who need tickets.

Let me know!

Since there have been no objections, third weekend in August it is!

Bring shorts -.-

*and will be there*

I have to work that weekend. But I might be able to get it off... Still need to convince the wife to let me spend 400 bucks and fly to a city she want's to go to alone so I can geek it up. ...

Oh, and I need to hook up some lodging. :D

Quote: from Damus on 12:14 pm on Mar. 3, 2008[br]___ Yes

_X_ No

___ Maybe


You suck at life.


Anyone who needs can sleep at my place.
Likewise with my place. I've got a couple of futons and a sexy roommate.
I should be there...I'll need to crash somewhere...and I'll probably have laptop by then, especially at the rate I'm working.
If people are staying at my place, I'll have my desktop, so my laptop will be free for any that need it.
I can bring my laptop too if anyone wants to use it :)
Well, I'm moving up there, I leave on the 24th. I won't have much of... Anything, but I'll be there.
I will be on leave around this proposed moo bash,

Oh yeah, well I'll be... parking corvettes... I hope. So... HA!
And I'm not old enough to drink so I'd never do that.


I'm probably going to be in Charleston, SC in the third week of August...but I'll be headed to Cape Cod for the first week and a half of the month, so to the Boston crew expect some doors to be busted down around, say, August 5th (if that's okay by you, o'course).

Miss you crazies - ta!

Hopefully by august I'll have a place of my own, which will be open to anybody who needs it.

As far as computers, you's guys might need to bring your own as I'm on Damus' laptop myself.

Quote: from Lillith on 5:04 am on Mar. 27, 2008[br]I'm definitely down for the 4th! I lurve Boston on the 4th. Something everyone should see.

To bad someone went to Minnesota for July 4th.

For shame, Lillith, for shame.