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more newbness and art-related question

Hey everyone,

This is my first mud/moo and also my first cyberpunk themed game (and god is it obvious. I was not prepared for the noirity of noir) but I'm having fun running around looking at all the places in the sectors while being scared shitless half the time and trying to learn the commands and whatnot while nervously fumbling my way through a little rp (and sort of ending up stealing someone's kindly offered lighter and cigarettes for instance. sorry.)

I signed up on a whim and I'm not entirely sure I made the right choice character wise (medic, don't laugh) or have the right disposition for the game (since it's so dog-eat-dog) but I am really impressed with its immersiveness even if I haven't really contributed much to the community rp wise yet and perhaps it will remain relatively low-key. I am unfortunately a little shy irl and this translates in my rp without me wanting to but only way is to go out there and try stuff right? So I will try to try more.

Second, I understand if people wouldn't even if they're able, since text based imagining has its own charm, but are there people on the boards who paint characters or other SD events/items etc for fun? Cyberpunk is visually an attractive style/theme after all so I'm curious.

There is a lot of Sindome-related art around, including artists' conceptions of characters people play or have played.

Here is part of a collection in-progress which one of the players is creating to go along with the Archetypes page:

Here are a collection of character portraits which a player did on commission for other players:

There is a page on this website which displays a collection of all the banner images which have been contributed to the Sindome website, but I can't find the page URL to show here. They change daily anyway so in a week or two you'd see them all if you kept coming back.

As far as current players who would spot this thread and this request, maybe one or more of them will pipe up and offer to get involved with drawing, painting or raytracing new character portraits or other non-spoiling IC locations.

Welcome, if you're into real RPGs where you really RP, there might be a home here for you if the theme doesn't scare you away! :) You'll find out pretty quickly that dangers are generally well marked or else otherwise intuitive and kind of obvious. The likelihood that your character would wind up dead without some deliberate provocative behavior or dangerous choice on your character's part is very low.

Thanks :)

Ahh I love a community that has visual (or any kind of artistic) representation. I just wondered if there was a dedicated art thread since I haven't come across one yet (but I have a lot of reading/exploring to do on the site as well)

I do draw myself, but I have never drawn cyberpunk (being both new to the type of game, the game and the genre. I knew its existence but only know about its core aspects superficially so dropping in like this is kinda hard but I might end up loving all of it) If I survive for a while I will try to paint my character and perhaps others if there is a commission gap and people end up liking my work. Who knows :)

Since I'm not super familiar with the genre I guess I can clock in at Shi and watch some of the mandatory movies to expand my view on it. I did buy a few books that I probably should have read prior but Sindome looked so intriguing...

I guess that one doesn't necessarily need to kick up a storm and burn bright but fast. Reading the boards does make me feel the player is either aspiring to be badass in whatever brand of badassery their character deals in while screwing others over or is a boring loser in terms of player evaluation.

I also understand that is perhaps not entirely correct/complete, but its an observation as to what a new player might get from the game/boards at the start.

I have a couple of game questions but I'll leave those for another post.

It's a little bit confusing and daunting. But you'll get the hang of it. It'll become second nature. It's a great MOO actually. Harsh. Gritty. Definitely not easy. Expect to get screwed a lot and screw in return while keeping yourself alive. 'Friends' are an easily broken and fragile truce. Make the most of the people where you can but don't push your luck either. You don't want to mess with the big shots in town like Gangs or Corporations.
Badassery doesn't have to involve going out and pwning everyone with violence.

Part of the cyberpunk theme and more broadly the noir theme is that "just getting by" is a struggle. So badassery in Sindome can mean simply getting your Mixer ahead into some position of security, or keeping your Corpie where she is in some position of privilege, by using whatever paydata, leverage, position, connections, and influence you can RP your way in to.


Enemies are good RP. Having enemies doesn't have to be about violence either, at least not first-hand direct combat which your character has to personally participate in.

Conflict-less RP is boring RP, though, it's your character, not mine.

Part of me finds the theme and the game very exciting. Another part is more or less convinced I am going to be terrible at it.

I agree I wouldn't want an entirely conflictless character with no goals at all because there would be little point in playing.(I'm currently trying to figure out what the big, future oriented goals will be, but my desire for conflict and screwing people over is lacking, so that's just something I'll have to figure out for myself the coming days/weeks whether or not that is something I can turn a switch on or not. (But maybe plotting revenge after someone fucks me over would be a theme for me. We'll see)

With 'whatever brand of badassery' I meant different approaches, as, like you said, not needing to use violence (personally) per se. There are lots of ways to advancing whether I can already see those or not, I understand that.

My Rping is still really woody but I guess I'll get better once I get used more to the concept of it and how it works in such a game.(the real-time aspect of it is a bit daunting. I usually take more time to do or say things.

I also think It would be better to treat my first character as a crash test dummy and not get too attached. Or rather, that's what I should have done ha.

(apologies if any of this looks like complaints, I promise they are not)

Hi Athrimaro,

It'll take a while but you'll get used to the commands and layout.

It's my first MUD/MOO as well and it's something else.

The characters are wonderful assholes and the players are a helpful bunch, imo.

That link Vetra was looking for about some additional characters and images is:

There are some links connected to some of those pictures.

There's also fiverr if you don't have much money and still want a decent concept. Graphics and Design section

As for your RPing, you'll get the hang of posing, emoting and spoofs. There are help files for each of those both in game and on site.

And you'll loosen up and add in character quirks and whathaveyou. Have fun with it.

Just keep at it and you'll learn more and more and get the hang of things. If you have any questions, let us know.

And it's very possible to be a badass without ever knowing how to fight.
Thanks for the input :)

So I made two mistakes and I actually got robbed (Karma 2.0) and despite of what I feared, I wasn't really all that upset about it, I even found it funny.

When i first tried renting a cube I wrongly assumed I rented one and went to the mentioned cube on the display. Since it was open and stuff was lying around I thought it was stuff someone left behind or they forgot to extend. So after some doubt I figured I could take the stuff, why not if it was there and the help files etc stated you could take it if it was there upon renting a cube.

So when I went down to extend after thinking that might be a good idea I rented a cube for real. I got so distraught realizing my mistake I ended up forgetting my security code (that's Karma1.0) and even went back later to see if I could return the clothes if the owner was home but no.

So i was wondering if sleeping outside would affect your bodily state (as not feeling rested or sore) so I logged out without coffining up and got robbed.

Anyway, while I find it a little bit of a pity since my character wasn't supposed to commit a crime (more like being a noob and failing to understand a mechanic) I also found it quite hilarious. I guess I'll have to postpone some of my plans lol.

You shouldn't really put what you're doing ICly (in character) here or in an ooc section. But don't worry about it. (We'll whip you later. )

If stuff is left in a room well, the person shoulda paid their rent. ;)

But if you don't want to risk being robbed, find a safe location, either for you or your things.

There's risk enough when you're awake.

And just a quick note, if this has crossed your mind, you really don't have to worry about being messed with if you randomly disconnect for a short period. This group is a good one and tends to ignore those unless you're off for something like ten, fifteen minutes.

Have fun and ask any questions that pop into that head of yours.