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Ya, okay so I don't have facebook, and you have to register to look at other people's profiles.   I do have myspace, but I don't even have enough time to be on that alot, which means I don't have the desire to sign up or learn how to work a new social networking site that I don't even really care about.   If you have myspace and you feel like being seen (I know you do cause there's a frickin sindome community on facebook) then post the link to your page so all can see.   Or just look at mine, talk lots of shit, be jealous, truned on and all that.   Whatev..


not sure when the last time it was used/updated/posted in, but quite a few of us can be found there  :paranoid:

To use a much over-used quote...

Fuck myspace! ;)

I think I have a few of you fools on there allready.

It's sort of defunct, though, and rarely used.

Jesus, Myspace?  I didn't know there was a Sindome group on there.Annmarie