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N00B Problems

Okay So I haven't played sindome since December of 2014 and I liked the game but I was just overloaded with info my first time around, I had watched the intro video, but even then I had trouble past character gen. It's been about 6 months and I would like to get back into this game and give it another go but this time doing a little better at it, hopefully. Anyways it's been 6 months roughly and I'd like to play again but I don't think I can resume playing as my old character. I like role playing games like this and have been playing space station 13 on BYOND for a long time, so my interest is there but I'd like to remake my character, I'm not sure if the admins can delete my character, I'd even settle for having to delete my account and start completely from scratch but I'd really just like a fresh start. I have no idea how to contact the admins any other way so I put it here. This isn't a complaint I just felt like this is the way I can get this done and start anew. Like the title says I'm a sindome newbie with problems, so thank you for listening and have a nice day.

xhelp gives you a direct line to GMs, and there is 'help suicide' if you'd like.

I hope you manage to have more fun this time around, but don't feel you need to start from scratch.

As a player, my advice would be to log on and xhelp admin. There are a few ways you can 'kill off' your character, like Taikei said. Also, you can offer to let the GMs use your death for a plot point or something if they have a need. Then at least you can start fresh knowing you furthered a story line.

Good luck either way and glad to see you back for a second go!