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New player
noob here :D

Hi! So I'm new to sindome but I'm enjoying myself a lot! Problem is where to start... so hey :D
The beautiful thing is that you can start anywhere.

Want to Be a gangster? Go join a gang. Want to be a whore, find a pimp, want to be a corpie, apply to a corp, want to be a media star.. You get the point. It can be overwhelming at firs,t but you'll find many people Icly that can offer you advice.

Not all of it is good, but hey, that's the fun :)

ps: It is usualy recomended to not do a combat PC as your first one.
okay :D
I've been playing for about 3 weeks now as well, and I really have to agree. there is almost a limitless amount of types of characters that can be played. and if you can find a way to make it work it works. it's overwhelming because there is so much to do and since it is so free form there's not a lot of direction, but it makes it fun trying to learn to survive.
i just died in my first game this is great
Welcome to the game! The best way to find direction is to find other players and see what they're doing, ask them what's going down. Find out ICly what people are looking for, and if you find something that interests you, latch onto that and start asking those seeking, well how does one do something like that?

Having played for just about three months now it's quite the interesting game and just when you think there's nothing to do you get shot in the face (literally or figuratively). As I saw in the other post, this is nothing like a graphical mmo, this isn't even like Zork (though it can be just as deadly). Think of it as like a second life (No not Second Life), a breathing, feeling, human being that has wants, desires, needs and dreams.

Be ready to live hard, party hard, and die even harder. Welcome to Sindome, welcome to Withmore, welcome to the swirling crush of 65 million people, and be safe out there ;)

One thing to definitely keep in mind, theme wise, is there are 65 million people inside the city of Withmore, you should RP accordingly. You go to a bar and see no visible characters other than the bartender, there is still people there, ambient population.

Finding someone who is already established in the field you want your character to be in is definitely a good idea, ask them to mentor you ICly. Some will be reluctant, but don't think the player is just being a dick, it might just be how their character perceives things.

And always remember IC actions breed IC consequences. :P

If anything, I think starting out as a combat character is a good idea. It's a goo way to learn your mechanics and stuff. Which are important to learn early in your career.

Otherwise, there's a lot to learn and explore, I hope you enjoy your time here.

If you are going to do combat, do not make it your main focus in your first character. Learning how to avoid combat is just as important, and it's easy to understand protecting yourself while still avoiding fights. The idea is that it's a harsh world. You would of course want to learn to protect yourself, but inviting battles all the time is to invite being perm'd.

I'll put it this way. Would you fly a helicopter without any sort of lesson first?

On the other hand, it's a game.

Roleplaying a pilot who had no lessons and who crashes and takes out a ghetto city block while meeting her own permanent end might be fun, and is not at all an invalid way to learn the game.

"Roleplaying-it", being the important part of this concept.

Yes, learning to survive is important, whether that means learning to conduct yourself in a way which lets you either avoid combat or have advantages (think: allies or resources) in combat. Whether a combat character or not, anyone can make RP decisions which risk permadeath.