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Newbie's got a Question!

Hey folks,

I've been eyeballing this game on and off for several years. Even made a character for a short period of time, but didn't like it so I dropped it like an old habit. Got a question or two that I would like someone to ask.

First... What sort of Archetype is rather lacking at this time? Tech, Ripper Doc? Two things I've rarely played in my history of Cyberpunk (okay, Shadowrun) gaming, but something I always have at least a little interest in. I know games can always enjoy having more of everything and that I should play what I want, but seriously: What's short these days? Why? because I want to play "it".

My favorite things to do in Cyberpunk right now:

Street Sam


Doc/Tech (I put these together, might as well add medic) -- In fact, Doc might be number 1 right now...


I am paralyzed on what I want to do because I want to do all of them. I know, given time, I can start out with one 'Archetype' and easily spread into others, but I would like to hone in on what is short right now before spreading my wings, so to speak.

Thanks for reading this spam.

Crap, I finally found the thread that already covers this. After an hour of searching, me posting this, and then continuing to search. ... And I don't know how to delete the thread. Sorry! It looks like I'll try my hand at being a Ripper/Cyber Doc or Fixer.

We lack things like Ripper docs (plenty of doctors though)

-Razr girls

-Full time mercenaries

-Biotechnicians/nano technicians

-Explosives experts


I'm sure there's more.

Much appreciated, Myth.

My answer to this will always be: Do the character you want to do.

Trying to fit a need might result in RP you don't want or like or even have any experience and this will lead to things being "boring" because you're out of your league, or out of your comfort zone. That leads towards players leaving the game for it not being "fun" for them. Or to players getting angry at GMs for things not happening "their way" or for GMs not giving them 24/7 support to move things forward...

So do the character you want to have fun with and go have fun.