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Newbie saying Hello
Australian Eastern Time Zone

Hello everyone.

I'm brand new to MUDing but used to roleplay a lot on HCR persistent worlds in NWN as well as the occasional P&P game. So far I'm loving the game and though most of my interaction has been on the OOC channel, it's been really pleasant. Glad to be here.

I'm UTC+10:00 and I was wondering if there are any other players/factions that consistently play in this time zone?


Welcome to withmore Ahnull!

I'm a british player here about a month into sindome and loving it... I can see me going on to play for quite a long time actually and hope the same is true of you when you really get in the flow of things. See you IC! Walk safe out there...

I'm new as well! been around for a week almost Now, I think, can't say im active all the time, but i've been enjoying it so far!

Welcome to Withmore, Ahnull. See you IC!