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Newbs says hi!
"In the beginning of the 22nd century..."

Hello Sindome! New player here.

This would be my first venture into the world of MOOs, MUDs, MUSHs, or what have you; though, thankfully, not to RPing (by way of the Spoony One) nor text adventures ("adult" ones, admitedly).

Here's hoping the bitches stay IC. ^_^

Welcome to Sindome, please enjoy your stay! :D

This is my first MOO/MUD as well. It's dark and lots of RP is available.

Enjoy your time plotting and playing and maybe we'll come across each other sometime.

Ask game questions often on the Game Help channel in game (xgame). The group here is good and have been quite helpful when they catch the questions.

Welcome to Sindome!


Welcome aboard!

As someone completely new to this style of gameplay, you might find it challenging at first, given that the game world can be dark and unforgiving. However, you will pick it up quickly!

Hope you find some niches you enjoy and have a great time with them. Sindome and its staff are awesome. :)

Ah ha! I was hoping there was a post like this here. I'm going to piggy back on the OP and introduce myself really quickly as well.

I've been a RPer for years, both in medieval and mostly WoD themes. It gets to a point where you cannot play another vampire, werewolf, mortal+ anymore, because the sad, angsty story is always the same. So I haven't been roleplaying in... god, a year, maybe? I went looking for some place different on MudConnector, some place original and after several visits to, what I found out to be, dead places, I found Sindome.

So far, the learning curve has hurt my brain, but I'm getting there. I found RP right away and the NLM term systems blows my mind. (Seriously, how was this coded?)

During the day, I have a desk job and I roller skate for exercise. My play on SD isn't hard core, but not casual either; I'm on a few hours, a couple of days a week. I'm trying to avoid this face from RPing too late at night: o.O

Nice to meet everyone!

I like this, I'm going to piggy back as well. We've seen staff tell a bit about themselves. So, why not us players.

First, to all the 'newbs'...welcome to your new addiction :) But, seriously, good to meet you guys.

I've been an Rper for over ten years, but, like my Jade twin above (wonder twins, activate?) before SD it was mostly medieval. I totally feel your pain on the angst aspect. I guess I would still be considered pretty new to the game. I'm definitely not as experienced as many of the players I've seen.

During the day, I work in law enforcement so I get the combined thrill of exercise and work simultaneously (heh). I also have a teen daughter so, does competitive shopping count as a contact sport? I avoid roller skating, though. I'm a clutz by nature and that would be taking my life into my hands and probably not end well.

I would call myself somewhere in the middle of casual and hardcore, I guess. SD is my wind down after dealing with all the real baddies, I would say.

Anyways, good to meet all you new players and I look forward to getting to know even more experienced ones.

Welcome wonder twins (Jade1202's name for you two) and welcome op Dormouse again.

Keep at it and 'xgame' is your friend. Good group here imo who if they know the answer and catch your questions, help you out with your queries.

Have fun plotting.

Hey all. This is my first time playing a game like this. I've only really played one other Text Adventure, and that was one a friend of mine actually made herself ^_^. All of this is pretty confusing so far, but it seems like it's hard to get ahead in Withmore at the moment. I only have some black jeans, black shoes, black raincoat and a coffin to sleep in. I've got 31 chy in my pocket and I'm waiting for my char History to get approved so I can maybe work at that factory :/ 100 Chy an hour isn't too bad I guess... I'm just wondering how I can really start to get into the character I made.

Or hell, maybe I don't even have to do that.

For now, I'll just try to stay alive and get some money.

Synapse, though the history helps you with automated work (SHI, courier work, bartender, stripper, corporate zombie I mean employee), @newbie has some tips and you can end up making chyen (money) through your own creativity.

Get into characters by taking into account your history, goals and go out and meet people, RP, & work on making that stuff happen.


Survival honestly isn't going to be hard, as long as your character isn't actively seeking risk or repeatedly antagonizing stronger people who have no reason to overlook the provocation.

Getting into your character and finding the others to talk to, play with, learn from, is going to get you further into your character and out of the factory faster than anything. People know stuff, people know people, people need stuff, people will have their characters help yours get involved with stuff.

Welcome! An dooooon't beeeeee scaaaared.... Bwwaaahaahaa!

For Synapse:

Vetra is 100% right. Once I started meeting people, lots of things changed for my character and now I have more to do than I have time to do it. Meet other people, seriously. It'll help your cash flow, amongst other things.

P.S. - I think it's kinda cool to be a wonder twin. :D


Just to tag onto the above : As a fellow newb do not get caught up in the 'need chyen, need stuff' mentality like I did for a bit. This is not a game you 'win'. You should be here to RP and enjoy the experience. This is part of that! Everyone started out naked with 50 chyen. Enjoy it. :)

Thought I would throw my submission onto the train.

So, I have been here about a month and a half, having fun.

I have some previous RP experience, online and RL, from years ago (Star Wars, Babylon 5 *RIP*). My RL interwebs is garbage and I was burning out on online Netrunner so I began looking for a MUSH. Stumbled upon SD after not finding a Star Wars one which really seemed alive. RL I do photography, surf and curse my ISP.