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NPC Update
Rewarded Paranoia

My character frequently looks outside their place, checking to make sure no one is outside doing sneaky stuffs. Today, there was someone outside. I got to further that RP by the present NPC's that I'd always wondered about.

Already loving the update.

(I feel strange making posts here.)

The change to the NPC spawn rate has been great for atmosphere.
Glad folks are liking it! Still a few kinks to work out, but it's moving forward nicely. Got most of them worked out now.
Oh I have noticed that we now have civilian npcs. Before it was like christmas if I saw one in the red, loving it!
I wasn't aware that NPC's had a big update (beyond the population thing) but recently I was running a plot with someone and had an npc do something I really didn't expect, which put me on edge in a great way. Loving this stuff!
A bit of tweaking needs to be done, you can tell that they're NPCs. I recommend have some NPCs wear damaged shrouds, or shrouds that have been patched up.

Hooded NPCs, you can tell because they don't have other clothes, only a hood with no description for arms, legs, pants, etc. Maybe have them spawn with immy pants, jacket, and Ecowear gloves, have them in varying different of states of damage.

Major shout out, love how this change has made the Mix feel more dangerous and how often I jump at an NPC thinking it's somebody hunting me down, or thinking someone walking around is an NPC and finding out they aren't. Woot!
Just jumping on the love lev here, it's a fantastic addition, and the added granular-level suggestions to texture them even further are also fantastic.