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October 2015: Town Hall Agenda
The official town hall agenda!

This is the Town Hall Agenda. Be sure to scroll down to make sure I haven't reposted a newer version of it, but-- this should be it!


Introduction / Opening Statement by Moderator (Slither) (6:00PM - 5 minutes)


-Rules / Moderation

Chief Justice - State of the MOO (6:05 - 15 minutes)

Statement from Quartermaster (Jinx) (6:20 - 10 minutes)

Statement from Builders (6:30 - 5 minutes)

Statement from Senior GM(s) - Glitch & Linekin (6:35 - 10 minutes)

Statement from Operations (Slither) - (6:45 - 10 minutes)

-Social Media Presence

-Progress from the last town hall

Statement on IC/OOC/Cooperative Competition (Slither)

IC Topics

-State of the Mix (6:55 - 15 minutes)

--Player comments + concerns

--Red Economy

-State of Topside (7:10 - 10 minutes)

--Good things with Corps

--Bad things with Corps

--Player comments + concerns

--Gold economy

-State of the Badlands & Space (7:20 - 10 minutes)

-Open Discussion (form a Queue) (7:30 - 10 minutes)

OOC Topics (7:40)

-Admin/Player interactions

--Getting along (7:40 - 5 minutes)

--GMs weigh in on challenges of dealing with problem players (7:45 - 10 minutes)

--Slither talks about why it’s important for the players to help police themselves (7:55 - 5 min)

-New Player Retention (8:00 - 10 minutes)

-What can the players do to help?

-What can the admin do to help?

-Biggest help-files that need updating or creation?

-Acting Themely / Including Ambient Population (8:10 - 5 min)

-Open Discussion (form a Queue) (8:15 - 10 minutes)

Code Topics (Johnny / Slither / Linekin) (8:25 - 35 minutes)

-New Code

-New Bug fixes


-Possible Grapple Overhaul


-Vehicle Combat

-Reenabling Go Light

-Input from Players

-Critical bugs?


-Big issues?

-Cyber Enhancements players would like to see

-Open Discussion (form a queue)

Closing statement from Moderator (1 minute)

Open Discussion / Icecream Social (whenever)