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Picrew Thread
hop on the bandwagon, bakalakas!

I'm mad that I'm having fun with this.

Its her. Dont know what to type.
I can draw but I am lazy so here comes Crimson in picrew
I can draw but I am lazy so here comes Crimson in picrew, Managed to fail uploading somehow

(Edited by Mench at 5:49 am on 6/2/2021)

@Ociex What's the url of the picrew you posted on May 20? I love it!

Been a while for a new face.

Hey kids, Ryu here.

If you find a Picrew cool enough to use and post, it'd be real sweet of you to link them for other people to show their stuff too.

Not a perfect 1:1, but this is pretty good!

Creator I used:

The anime alternative to the monstrousity.

More up to date :)

xooc screamed at me soooo HERE!


Thaaanks Rhea

imagine having the energy to draw

Forgot to put the URL here:

Also huh, my character kind of looks nearly identical to svetlana's, at least on Picrew. I guess that's just how it is with cartoonish styles.

I am a fan of picrews.

No chance of doing justice to the ink.

Omg Cinder, I thought the same thing when I saw your picrew!

Also, here's a fun one to play around with:

A new look demands a new picrew