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Planned Server Outage May 23rd, 2018

Hey -

Our hosting company is moving our server to a new data center on May 23rd at 10pm. It is expected to be back online by 11:59pm. This could result in 2-3 hours of downtime.

I'm letting you all know ahead of time :)

I'm bouncing ideas around of doing a rampage on our dev server for a few hours, but haven't gotten confirmation that we'll be doing that or not. I'll keep this thread updated as to if we have any plans for that time.

Thanks for the info, S.

Rampage might be fun, hehe.

dibs on PC called Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson

Apologies, EASTERN TIME is the time zone. Not DST. So like 7-9 DST or some shit? I ain't good at math.

10pm EST

9pm CDT

8pm MDT

7pm for PDT and MST


3am BST (night of may 24th)

For AUSTRALIA (24th again)

12PM for AEST

10PM for AWST


4AM for CEST (night of may 24th)

Just post dome time, chum.
DST is the same as PDT/MST
Thank you for putting all the other time zones on there ranger!
It's almost time for the thing! Rampage??
Hey Everyone, got an update for ya.

We will be bringing the MOO down at 5PM DST (8PM EST). The downtime should last 4.5 hours, meaning if all goes well we should be back online by 9:30PM DST (12:30AM EST).

We will not be doing a rampage. Just not enough time. However, we do have a Twitch stream which I will be broadcasting on if all goes to plan.

I'm not going to be playing some GRAPHICAL game like all the other streamers do. I'll be running a Q&A and doing some tutorials and discussing role play, at the request of people watching the stream. We have a development server that I will jump on and demonstrate code. If we all get bored, I'll just start reading passages from my book, or I'll log Seven in on our development server and run around killing as many NPCs as possible without dying or healing but I don't think we'll get have to resort to that)

I encourage you all to join the stream and watch and take part in the discussion. We'll be posting links on Facebook in the lead up.


-- S

My lord, That's some lovely art work ye have there!
Kill people! Kill people!
Reminder we will be streaming while the moo/site are down at:
I will also be streaming games up until Slither takes over the stream once the downtime starts, most likely.