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Player Perspective Podcast #2
Slither and Hailfire discuss various topics

Hey Everyone!

The second edition of the Player Perspective Podcast. Featuring Hailfire.

We discuss topics such as player a different gender character, contributing to the game, extended histories and more!

Feedback is appreciated.

Also, please keep in mind that unless otherwise stated these are MY opinions on things, not admin decrees. This podcast is provided for informational purposes.

Not sure if its just me but I'm not hearing Hailfire's responses at all. *sadface*

Yeah, Hailfire's voice is muted.

Was it muted on purpose?

Damn it! My bad. Fixing.

Okay! It is fixed. Same link. My bad for that! The correct, non-muted version is now live.

Great podcast. Thanks to both of you! It did bring up a question for me. I know in the past I've stumbled on wiki pages that talk about some of the lore, past characters, things like that. Is that still available? If so, where?

It's up at the top of the page you're looking at. Under 'Lore'. Hehe.

I'm an idiot...heh.

Is Du-Wear a play on words of Wu-Wear?

I am relieved that, once sound was sorted out, someone thought this was a cool poducast. Anyways. I will have to give it a listen when i am sober. For futher information as to why i am drink check out the thread drunken idiot vs irl cyberpunk.

I think we are still missing Hailfire at 12:38-13:32.

I have a question now. How could someone ask to be part of the help channel? And, should we just put scripts on the scripting forum since I sent an email November about it and it didn't get a reply? (I'm not bitter or expecting a reply.)

Post scripts in the scripting form. If you want to be on the helper-net... send an Fix-it Helper channel go ahead and xhelp.

It's not "prOgeeah"'s DEFINITELY "prAH-gee-ah". And prog is pronounced "Prahg". Just sayin.

For reals though...great podcast. How cool is it to have this cross-the-world community discussion?!?!

After some thought, I think I'd like to be involved in recording one of these. Some topics I can think of:

AFKing/Idling and when it's time to just go @ooc or @quit.

Handling OOC frustration when something IC has got you down.

Balancing your SD with your RL and why it's important to your RP.

Doing things your character wouldn't for the sake of wanting to know OOC, and why you shouldn't do that.

Death hurts. (Could be a topic on just because you have a clone doesn't mean dying is easy and you shouldn't walk into it.)

Getting into theme and sticking to it.

Just a few ideas. I'm up for talking whatever comes up.

I realize a lot of those deal more with handling some OOC stuff. I tend to think a lot about OOC topics and how OOC affects IC. Totally game to talk whatever if you end up wanting to record it.

You says tomato I says tomotto.

I just said it outloud a few times and I am in fact saying prah-gee-uh. However, I think my boston accent has me pakin da cah in prajeeah yahd.

Neither "Prawgya" (hard) nor "Prawjya" (soft) wouldn't be spelled P-r-o-g-i-a.

I think it's long-O hard-G "Pro-geeya" too. First syllable stressed.

Who invented the name? Are they around to weigh in? Normally I'd accept whatever that person thinks.

Exception: I don't accept the judgement of the CompuServe engineer who acronymized hard-G "Graphic Interchange Format" into ".gif", and now 30 years later says to pronounce "gif" with a soft G, as if it stood for "Giraffe Intersex Fetish".

I say pro-geeya to myself. Why? Nokia.

Without a shadow of doubt, It's PRO geeah or PRO geeya, PRAH is .... I don't even understand how someone would come to that conclusion.

My PROnunciation of it has changed over time. I think PROgeeya is probably correct. I don't know that whomever created them is around unless it was Johnny.

Du-Wear is not a play on Wu-Wear. I don't remember what my inspiration was in terms of naming it. Perhaps it reminded me of the Doo Rags?

ah the wonders of having a population of 65 million from all over the world mixing into one big melting pot...every variation/pronunciation/slang/Colloquialism/tongue of "progia" is probably said in the mix alone, and who knows what them la de da corpie types say up top..


so take heart that your all right.. and your all wrong.. in fact the right way to say it.. is the way that the mixer with the biggest sword/gun/rep says it.. and if you dont like it take it up with them.. hehehe

Necro'ing this because all of the pods by Slither have been great. As a newerish player to Sindome I especially liked the two Player Perspective pods. Very informative.

Looking forward to more!

Is another on the way soon?