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Player Plot Suggestion Form

Help us help you have fun.

(Edited by Mench at 1:18 pm on 10/17/2021)

Help us, Help you have more fun!

You can use this form to give us your ideas for plots that you, as a player, would like to run and how we can help. You should give us a rundown of the plot, what factions it would involve, what steps you'd take to make this plot a reality, what PCs/NPCs it would involve etc.

Submissions to this form do not guarantee that your idea will be assisted and followed through but it will, at minimum, allow us to open an avenue of discussion with you to move it forward or give goals, etc.

P.s. Yes, you can also use this to suggest a plot that you specifically don't want to run but you think would be good for the game as a whole.