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Policy on Handling Sleepers
Sleeping characters...

You cannot kill a sleeping character. You should not try to find creative ways to kill a sleeping character.

If you encounter a sleeping character while RPing, for instance, breaking into someones cube or apartment, you should treat it as you would real life. Like they might wake up.

If you encounter a sleeping character on the street, one who you know is most definitely NOT a newbie, or if you frisk them and find sixteen sets of Xo5 battle armor, this player is PROBABLY experiencing connection trouble. You can drag them to a cube and leave them a note, treating it like they ICly passed out and you rescued them. They can then choose if they want to thank you. You can also xhelp and ask an admin to put them in a coffin due to them having connection issues.

If you encounter a sleeping character in a situation where you do not think they are experiencing connection issues (and feel free to xhelp and check with us) then you are free to rob them, move them, turn them over to the WJF, etc.

Sleeping is not a get out of jail free card. Your character can still be robbed, moved, accosted in other ways (like tattooed). Finding a 'safe' place to sleep is important.

-- S

I was under the impression that tattooing sleepers was off-limits, given that it's somewhat meta (it relies on the character being comatose, taking advantage of the game aspect of the game)? It's been brought up as an example of what not to do to sleepers every time the topic came up in recent memory when I was around. Is everybody in agreement that tattooing is a-okay?

How about dragging a sleeper a lot? Like out of the dome or to another sector?

I would say that tattooing a sleeper under CERTAIN circumstances is OK. Check with an admin. IE: did they pass out shitfaced drunk and you are pranking them?

As for dragging sleepers around, I'd say the same circumstances. Though, I've definitely fallen asleep in a cube and woken up in WJF custody. The game goes on when we are not connected.


Further discussion on this is currently being had. Partially because Cerberus clarified this some time ago, and then I reclarified it based on my own experiences though my own experiences may be out dated and I may have been incorrect.

For now, leave sleepers alone entirely (aside from say robbing them if you and we will fully amend the @ruels when we have made a policy decision on this.

Please review this post:

For more info on our current policy.