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Post your paste!
You know that Ctrl + V shortcut? Do it, then post it!

If you're a regular on forums etc. then you've no doubt heard of this game before, hopefully.

It's really simple and the rules are as follows:

[font=Comic Sans MS]

  1. Press "Post Reply".

  2. Press CTRL + V or Right Click + paste.

  3. Press Post and share whatever was last in your clipboard!

  4. It goes without saying though, please don't post anything grossly inappropriate or something that contains your private information.

  5. Laugh at other Pasta'


Cries that the [font] tag didn't work
Shit, mine's the lyrics of ram ranch. That's grossly inappropriate right?
I went back to the house early this morning. The smell of human rot still clung to everything like invisible fungus, but other than that it was starting to look all right. The carpets still had to come up, but everything else on the first floor was done.

I wasn’t brave enough to go into the taxidermy room by myself. I did, however, check out the preternaturally clean bedrooms. The first was as spotless, impersonal, and unremarkable as I
transfer 2nd mag to 1st mag

My copy wasn't even very useful when I needed it.

d share whatever was last in your cl
Mines a bit inappropriate because I was copying and updating my @nakeds. So I'm not gonna post it.
Roccat Mouse
I can't tell if that's a song or you're just having some kind of neurological event.

I don't remember why I have this in my paste but goddamn I'm still laughing...
"d d d d d "