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Pulls your right back in
Sindrome is addicting

So I started playing a little over a month ago. Fun game, I play a lot. And lately, I began losing interest slowly. Getting bored with the slow rise of my character. And then all of a sudden something just happens that pulls me right back into the game. I love it. It made my weekend. This game is just too great. Seriously.

Being caught up in your character's progression breathes in stagnation, it's a slow death.

There's always something for everybody going on in Sindome; don't stress too much about how your character is progressing (this goes for achieving goals and making contacts and so on too as well as statistical progression). Play and RP and progression will come.

If you find yourself losing interest with reaching for a distant goal, it's time to set some shorter term goals to work on.

What Euclid wrote.

I second that. Or plus 1 it.

You get the idea. I think it's quite possible we all hit this at least a little at one point or another. Recreate a goal and break it down into smaller parts or try a different direction depending on certain things about your character (& history).