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Questions about NPC interactions

Hey all. So, I'm new to the game, and I've been playing it for a little over a week and I'm really enjoying it. However, I have some mechanical questions about how I am supposed to interact with NPCs, particularly if my character is asking about employment. To keep things vague, I'm asking various places around the mix if they are hiring. When I do this, should I make an @note about it so that the gms know what I'm looking for? Should I request a puppet at that time so that a gm can interact with me? Or, if I decide to leave if the npc is busy at the time, should I leave my phone number or something with that npc literally (like on a piece of paper or something), so that the npc could call me back? Or should that be stated in an @note? I guess I'm largely confused on how realistic I should be when discussing things with the npcs, and I'm still pretty hazy on how I'm supposed to use @notes and @puppets even after reading some threads about them. Thanks for any feedback!
You should probably try to find PCs that work at places if you're just asking questions. If you straight up want a specific job somewhere, pick one NPC to talk to and do a puppet request (with your contact info that you gave them).
You can always try to use 'to' messages to talk to the NPC directly. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doens't. It really depends on admin availability. You can use a message like that sparingly until you get one, like once per ten minutes.

If you don't get a response and you're tired of waiting, tell the NPC your contact information. The more the better. do an @puppet-request, saying what you're wanting (a job) and the information you gave them.

If you do a phone number, you might get called. SIC you might get SIC'd. Gridmail is cool because you might get contacted while you're offline. And this information is really important because the information might just get passed to players to handle the hiring process, and they need good ways to get in touch.

Thanks guys! This helps a lot.