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Above ground.

Been thinking about this for a good while, but to be honest, shouldn't there be rats on the streets? Like, the mix has millions of people roaming around, not caring that much about their hygiene and tossing their garbage onto the streets. Also, from the "immie perspective" having something easy to attack successfully straight from the gates would be funny and invigorating.

Immy mortality rates would skyrocket

Make them non-fatal?

Fight lvl 1 rat, die, perm and re-roll. I can see it now lol.

Would probably too strongly imply that this is a MUD, which too many immies already think is the case.

It'd be annoying, and Sindome isn't supposed to be about PVE.

Plus, rats don't like being around millions of people, especially in an ecosystem where they're people food.

nah, better they struggle..Withmore has no mercy.

I love the idea of Rats and disease on the streets of Red.The streets are dirty as fuck, and rats would be everywhere. Mebbe certain areas have higher concentration of rats, i.e. dumpsters, back alleys, trashy streets, etc. Would create a lot of good RP in my opinion, even for veterans. Rat interruptions, cursing the Mix after stomping the rat with their boot.

Medical services would be use more often for the cure of disease and bites.The vaccine or cure could be cheap, would increase demand.

Make the rats non-fatal for those in the two week safety zone. Should give an immie enough time to have better stats to deal with rats.

The rats could have a fight or flight roll. I dunno, I like this concept though!!!

Assume rats are parte of ambiance and background.

We don't need more hostile NPCs clogging more MUD memory =/

And trash unused food!

I assume smaller rats are around for ambiance while the bigger rats (and other creatures) are those mutated, scary varieties you find in the sewers of New York and such. Adding a creature to the streets I don't think would add to the game, though changing those changable descriptions in each room may add to the game if done right.

Rats find their way onto the streets sometimes, but very very rarely. I think it should stay that way for reasons already stated.

Honestly it would just be a meta way of being able to tell who has the better stats by the amount of rats you can dodge or 1-hit-kill. If you're not a newbie rats aren't even funny as an enemy, they just clutter the space.