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Recombination Book 2: Revival
Become a beta reader for the Recombination sequel

Hey All -

I wrote a book starting in 2009 (Recombination) and published it on Amazon in 2014. Since then I've updated it a number of times (both adding content and copy editing). I finally finished what (for now) I will call the final version of it over the summer (2019). With that done--writing books is hard and time consuming and editing is the worst part--I am finally satisfied and ready to resume work on the sequel.

I actually started writing the outline and had the first chapter done in 2015, but I was still working on editing parts of the first book and really wanted to just be done with the first one before I started working on the second one. Thus, I put it on hold. I've gone back to the outline a number of times, tweaking it and fleshing it out. It's kinda daunting to look at this outline that I've written over many years and actually begin to write portions of it, but actually having a solid outline is important. My outline for the first book was pretty limited, and I learned from that mistake.

So, I have the first two chapters of the sequel, 'Revival' written, and I'm opening it up to beta readers. What is a beta reader? It's someone who reads the not-finished product and offers feedback and thoughts so that I can make content edits before I make (or pay someone to make) the copy edits and general editorial comments and updates that a manuscript requires.

How do I become a beta reader? It's really easy. You just click the links in this thread and read and if you feel like leaving comments, you do so in the Google Doc. If you just want to read it, that's fine too.

How often will you be posting new chapters? That's a great question and really depends on my motivation. I think having people interested in reading more will help motivate me, which is another reason I'm posting what I have so far on here. It would be awesome if I could write it for NaNoWriMo but that's a lofty goal, and unlikely to happen. I will just chug away at 2-3k word chapters in the evenings as I have time, and you all can read them when I'm done with my first draft of each chapter. I'd love to be on track to do 1 chapter a week, but who knows if that is realistic. Time will tell.

Book 1: Recombination

Amazon Link

Book 2: Revival

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Aaaaaahhhh!! 😁

Excited to read!

I somehow missed this and I bet I'm not the only one. Bumppp
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Anyone interested in further chapters? Always looking for feedback as well.
yo what the fuck how did i completely miss this

As you updated book 1, has the Kindle version gotten those updates?

The book is updated on Kindle, but if you already had it, you need to like, request the update from your Amazon account.

I've closed the docs for now as I am working on the second draft of them, will update further in the future!