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Remember that time when... kicked my ass...that was AWESOME!

Okay, there seems to be a few postings about the ‘negatives’ of older players and their conflict interactions with newbs. I figured there are probably just as many, if not more, examples of really great RP that came out of these same types of conflict interactions. So, I thought it be interesting to hear some of those. Of course – standard rules apply. Don’t break IC/OOC rules and don’t ruin any current RP scenarios going on.

My first character on SD was very non-combative. I was able to get some good characters to be her friend though, so she had ‘protection’. But, somehow she drew the attention of a ‘madman’ who was a very old character (so, by proxy I’ll assume an oldbie as a player). I was getting robbed, shot, chased, stalked, etc. on an almost daily basis…general normal SD stuff. :) But, I have to admit. It was so much fun as a player to be involved in that RP, even as a sub-character to a much larger plot being played out. Yeah, I could have looked at it as frustrating or annoying, but the RP was so involving that I as the player while doing my RP would get jumpy and jittery in RL. Hell, there were a few times I wish I could send props to the guy doing all the ‘torture’ as a player even while my character was doing nothing but bitching him out.

So, hopefully you’ll see this and know who you are as I say – Thanks for the great conflict RP!

Thank you, Jade1202. You illustrate a pretty solid component of the game.

Sometimes you're going to find yourself in situation where you're the victim. Hell, you might be such an awesome victim that your world never ceases to become a world of shit. Terrible people flock to great victims.

Look for people with scars. The better the scar, generally the better the story and more importantly the RP behind it. Emoting being a bloody mess while spilling your guts can be awesome.

I remember a previous character of mine. He had been trying to get work at a well known place with the lesser known fact that the owner was off questionable repute at the time. He made some headway as far as building rapport with said person, then -confidential content- made the person of questionable repute wary. My character was led into an ambush, dragged into the sewers, beaten bloody, then interrogated for information he didn't even have. My character was killed at the end of it. It was an awesome scene.

Shortly after cloning, someone else confronted me about -confidential- and wanted to give me a heads up the previous character may be looking for me. Knowing damn well that character could easily kill me again, I chose to call them out again. This time it stayed at the verbal level, no physical abuse what-so-ever, and after there was continued RP between the two of them, my character never remembering the other had killed me once, or confirming the suspicion. This led to some great RP.

There was also a time in this character's run, where he had gotten into some serious shit, and interrogated by judges both mentally and physically. I will not go into details about any of that, perhaps ReeferMadness remembers it, though. ;P

Never got the chance to say it, but damn good scene, bro.

My first character was named Parli. He wanted to take over the drug trade and he was willing to compromise himself to do it. He was a TERRA agent. One day in 2088 (that's right, 2088 -- hence my not minding a bit of IC details), he was in Carnal Desires talking over with one of his chummers how to do just that.

A bad-ass Judge was hidden in the room, totally unbeknownst to my character. When my character returned next to TERRA it was to a hostile work environment to say the least. He was tossed in a holding cell, fired, beaten and then left to die on the streets.

It was awesome.

I have a newer character so, will not be revealing much of anything.

One time a crazy unexpected thing happened. It made me cry in real life with it's emotional turmoil. Once I'd had a chance to calm down, I realized how involved it was and still think it was an awesome way to deal with that section of an RP. I wasn't bitter about any of the outcomes in real life. Cause, really, it was fucking cool. Even if I was a pawn in a much larger scheme.

Another time, was really damned cool. So yeah...good stuff. Even if it is a little crazy and makes me all weepy in real life. Sad movies make me weep too. I get some tissues and get over it. I have no plans to win SD. Everything that happens is crazy awesome even when it hurts. So, thanks, older players, newer players, and GMs alike for dragging me right through the poo pile.

I remember a time (not long ago) when my character (cloneless) was tossed in a prison cell with another character whom he had a rivalry with. He was losing his mind a bit at the time and I most definitely ICly prodded the other character into action. Action which resulted in my characters permanent death. It was glorious. It was fitting. It was how he should have gone out. Curled up in a ball, naked, beaten, half crazy... but never fully broken. That character meant a lot to me and I miss him very much.

Not every choose your own adventure book ends with you riding off into the sunset.

I got permed about four or five times out of raw stupidity when I was new and just didn't know how to play but I remember the breaking point. I had a made character who was down on there luck musician and had just started to become a bit of a local celebrity. Young and idealistic in the mix. A lot of fun. Inevitably, a massacre occurs - dude pumping round after round up and down [redacted]. So, he took it upon himself to drag all these sorry lots back to the clinic to get revived. Eventually, I died sans clone...but I died a hero. Something which never happened again.

My most infamous if not long forgotten character was a glutton for punishment and would often be tortured. Mostly because I'd actually RP it out - which made it fun for both parties...and it was IC due to the nature of the character. Ultimately, he betrayed his best friend and ended up getting permed by his main squeeze in possibly one of the most CP deaths I've ever had.

I had another character who did a lot but he reached a point as an oldbie where I had lost the groove for him and ultimately had to abandon him in search of greener pastures. He was a good character who deserved a good death but never got one.

Every story should have a beginning and an end. A lesson a have a hard time remembering sometimes but a worthy one.

one time a character of mine and her partner basically acted out the intro to reservoir dogs in the back of a cab. i was mr orange.
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