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Respec question

Yello... Newer player here. Been around few months. Finally settled into a role quite happily. But, because I do not want to pester staff over xhelp.. (I ramble.. it's a curse) I have a general query about respecs...

Suppose the following stuff:

1. You have a few skills you typo'd yourself into having over a few months...

2. You have one or more skills invested in to a mild or moderate degree that you have never used ICly, do not forsee using at any point ICly, perhaps you had a newbie moment or two which sounded like "Yeah I'mma build robots!! I'll just work this in and explain it by.. actually what am I saying ..why did I do dis..." and cannot rationally nor reasonably justify having them for the above reasons.

3. You have had a few things happen over a few months that should (within reason) affect the balance of some of your overall stats. (Sticky Steve is a corpie now, eating tofu and off the dope, etc but is kind of let himself go appearance wise, etc)

Would the above be considered reasonable cause to ask for a Respec?

If so, what is considered the easiest, less hassling way to ask about it?

I'm assuming you'd have to provide some concrete explanation for the changes and not just fire off a 'I've changed! Respec me plz!" to staff.

If the answer to any of those 3 things is yes, you can Respec.

Just say over xhelp "I would like to respec please" with what ever justification you have for doing so

First of all check help respec if you haven't already.

In my personal experience and to the best of my knowledge, characters only get ONE respect in their lifetime and you have to had played the game with that character for at least a year and coins to qualify for a respec.

If your character is somewhat young, don't worry about messing up on a few UE, since you have a lot more coming your way to adjust your character skills to where you want them. Then again if it really bothers you, just kill your character and re-roll a new one.

You don't need to have been playing for a year or more to qualify for a respec, but generally if you do get a respec, that is 9/10 times going to be your only respec so make it count

Personally, I don't really like this 'disposable character' idea, but, I completely agree that a young character can earn the UE to spend where they want to spend it, and their player is probably better off not worrying about what will look in a few months like a very small amount of 'mis-spent' UE.

This is why it's reccommended to not ask/worry about respec until a character is several months/a year/however old. By that time the stakes are higher.

Like I said in my personal experience and to the best of my knowledge and that one year bit was said to me by Johnny himself.

The again like with drugs, results may vary. :p

And I was just letting it be known that it was not absolutely necessary to have been playing for that amount of time to get a respec.

It seems your are missing the point, just to have the last word.

The UE cap is pretty large. It takes a solid 3-6 months to even come close to botching a characters skills/stats. I wouldn't worry about it.