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RL is dystopian as fuck.
A place to vent.

As I'm sure you're all aware, the world outside Withmore has been, to put it lightly, a total dumpster fire, and seems to have intensified over the past 2 or so years.

Touching briefly on the all-star lineup we've got:

Wealth inequality

Climate change

Intensifying natural disasters

Disastrous politics, both foreign policy and domestic policy (in the US, that is.)

Novel Coronavirus & COVID-19

Wholly inadequate social safety nets (already strained by the above.)

The joke that is the billionaire space-race

IRL Hypercorps forming

& Etc.

In light of this, I've personally found it hard to stay in character and enjoy a dystopian society in a mutual roleplaying environment when it seems like things are actually going to hell in a handbasket OOCly. I know I can't be the only one dealing with this, so let's get together and bitch about whatever it is that's going on with you IRL that's preventing you from enjoying Sindome.

Personally speaking, I've been struggling with anti-masker, anti-vaxxers in my area and immediate & extended family, and seeing them lose their fellow family members and still refuse to acknowledge basic, established science.

I've also been troubled by the total lack of professional work, despite employment numbers being way, way up from Q1 this year, most of the jobs being created (code for re-opening previously terminated positions) are in non-professional sectors. In my field of work, the first layoffs were to people in tenured or senior positions, and much like what happened in the 2008 financial collapse, they're flooding the lower-tier professional work market, and are making it very difficult to compete in the job marketplace when they're willing to take 20-40K paycuts just to have a job.

Thus, I've found it hard to play out a fantasy character who's broke as fuck and living in the exotic shithole that is central red sector. What about you?

The world has been such a butt lately. Such a stupid buttfaced friggin butt. I'm tired of wearing a mask. Literally and figuratively. I miss smiles. I'm also tired though - of people getting deathly ill. Of fear and of overconfidence. I'm tired of all the change and no place to put it. Heck.

But I'm glad to be back after a long break.

I hope you all are holding together. Keep writing - we're all creating a story together. Sprinkle your lovely where you can, you dirty mixers and asshole corpies. You jerks are jerks and I love it. Break their face in.

The quality of life in Withmore is better than the quality of life in RL.
I'm at the point where I'd rather live in Withmore. Including the rampant crime, the violence, the Judges who do whatever they want, the corporations who do whatever they want. At least it's honest.
It's sad and wild how much better my character's life in a capitalist dystopia is going than my life in a capitalist dystopia.

Has a full time job that pays enough to keep a roof over their head

Has gender congruence

Can go to bars/concerts/events

Has marketable skills

Doesn't have crippling depression & anxiety

Doesn't have PDS from shoddy DIY cyberware installations

Isn't in hiding from Mega Corp assassins (Fuck off, Bezos!)

Can hug their friends

Has a clone

Has a god that grants free shuttle miles

Like fuck, I'd kill for any one of those!

This is one of the reasons I've barely dipped my toes into this game. It's cool and all, but struggling to keep your home IRL just hits harder than in a game. Hopefully covid goes the way of the common cold and we can all stop getting at each other's throats over vaccinations and PPE. I think the worst thing I've noticed is not the corrupt politics, the inflation, the tanking economy, the Afghanistan debacle, but the way people will wish death on those who cannot or for whatever reason won't get a vaccine that for the last two years has been shrouded in misinformation campaigns by both sides of the aisle. When I have free time to pick this game up, most times I just...don't. It's the same with CP 2077 too.