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Role Representation?
asked several times, never happened

There have already been threads about people suggesting a poll or stats on role demographics so new players can have an idea of what roles are in demand and what is already in excess.

None of these threads ever got any traction, not even a yes or no.

So simply I ask, will it be against the rules to just make a poll using strawpoll to create an anonymous role demographic from players here?

Personally, I'd rather people not aim towards a meta of "demand of roles."

Always found this mentality more fitting for MMOs than SD, since players (especially new ones), shouldn't be joining with the intent to capitalize on unfulfilled niches.

Plus, "sparse" roles for new players will also mean a lack of mentors.

People should really take an IC approach to this, more than anything. If you see roles that aren't being filled ICly, maybe take that as a sign for some character change and fill it yourself.

And if we find we are averse to divulging this information,

then let's rewind our brains 2 years

(or however long the period is to divulge IC information)

and respond with our current role of 2 years past.

"new players can have an idea of what roles are in demand and what is already in excess"

From two year old information?

Agreed. Play whatever interests you. "needed" rolls ebb and flow, they always have. Be happy with your character.
While I understand the logic of the poll, it goes counter to what Sindome is all about.

People filling the same sort of roles creates conflict and plots.

I personally find that in Sindome it's far more important to play a character you are passionate about than it is to try and fill a gap or vacuum. Additionally, the game is made in a way that makes it possible for PCs to still get by even if there are none of any given role.