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Roleplaying goals
Whatcha wanna do?

So, here's a thread to write down things you want to improve about your own gameplay and roleplaying. Not plans you want to do or anything like that, but things you've noticed about yourself when playing that you want to change.

More verbose emotes!

Sometimes, it feels like I perform a whole lot of the same motions in my emotes, often with the exact same words. I want to increase my motion vocabulary; give my emotes a little more color and flavor rather than constantly repeating myself in my movements.

Be more proactive!

There should never be a time when I log in, and can't think of anything to do. It happens sometimes, and that stunts character progression, when you're not doing anything. Also, it's kinda boring. It doesn't have to be anything big; the city doesn't need to burn down whenever I wake up, but I should always have a goal, no matter how small.

What do you want to improve about your own play?

Master the use of . for poses.

It's tricky, and there's many cases where I can't figure out it's use, but I know I should. Like how do you .politely do anything without politelys doing it? It's all too easy to use : and 'you' instead, and I've been called out on it a few times, and rightly so: If someone is hidden in the room with you, it's completely wrong.

I'd like to be able to consistently login. That would be great and really mean I could be around for, you know, plots and things. Instead of doing random shit.

Take more risks: tied to the above. Feels sometimes like I should take more risks and do more themely reactions to things, but I talk myself out of it because there's little to no IC justification for it without a heaping load of @notes and documented character opinions. Without that background, it can seem to others like I'm just doing..well..random and unjust things.

Gender: I find it hard not to play like my OOC gender. This is a challenge. It's a good one.

I'm not up to advanced stuff like poses and emotes yet. Ordinary talking is hard enough for me. When I meet another character my first instinct is to shoot. My second is to punch. And my third is to run away.

Focus less on current pop culture references, and spend more time creating new ones.

The staff have supplied us with a incredibly diverse range of tools for content creation which largely go ignored. Yes, I'm speaking directly to you, tailors, artists, and other characters with the artistry skill. And to those without as well. In addition to materials, which I'm starting to get better about tasking people with making, there's canvases, which until recently I didn't realize have coded support for any type of art, not just paintings on the walls. If a good Banksey-inspired idea didn't just pop into your mind, you're not trying hard enough. And that's just one largely ignored opportunity. There's bigger ones than that, but more can't be said without getting IC.


You wrote:

Like how do you .politely do anything without politelys doing it?

You pose the verb, not the modifying word.

.nod politely. = character nods politely.


You can type this, if you want the modifying word before the action (thx Seenal for showing this to me):

pose politely .nod. = character politely nods.

(You have to type pose at the start of the line.)

There is an emote tutorial in game with a mirror you can use to both see what you emote and pose and see what others see.

Hope that helps you all who had the same or similar question.


how do you .politely do anything without politelys doing it?

There are two ways.

.do politely


pose politely .do

Including the word "pose" as a COMMAND allows you to write a pose where the first word of the pose is not a dotted verb.

The command 'pose ' is on 'examine me', and it takes as its argument a string which likely contains dotted verbs and potentially pronouns or names.

My RP goals are to create RP for every single person I can, whether or not I actually interact with them or not. I want my actions to echo throughout the game so people that aren't even involved have a chance to get in on things.

I want it all to shake, and then I want it all to burn.

I want to rule from a seat on the Corporate Council.
Never hold on to more than one of a thing. Be a responsible Database Citizen.

Distribution of gear is, for good reasons, controlled. Getting stuff is hard but not impossible and well within reach for those committed to their RP, and getting stuff can be hard, but having more than one is pointless. There are so many great ways to generate RP by supplying someone with the thing they are lacking, but even so there's a ton of ways of turning it into flash (which if you're doing it right lead to more RP). I try to never hold on to more than one of something without a really good reason, and find an good home for (or trash!) things that I'm not using.


Your *goal* is to keep only 1 item of something? It seems like you're already doing that per what you've written.

General note: There also, there may be IC reasons some characters have two or so of an item. A cyberdoc having 3 - 4 coolers for example makes sense if they use them. A tailor having 5 rolls of cotton on hand. Someone who has bad luck with getting pick pocketed may own 2-3 phones. Someone who has died a few or handful of times might keep a backup item.

Having 5, 8, 15 of something you're not using is kind of silly and should be sold back out (unless you're about to make bombs, drugs, etc) as we have more players now than before.

Redacted IC fun thing about forts. ;)

@OP: So, goals.

Hack the planet!


(Wait...) <.< >.> <.<

To help create more items that aren't in game and fuck the corporate council, Vetra, rule the Corporate council from behind/ the scenes. *wink*

But really, to answer OP, items & helping to create a certain transporting situation/thing, & continue to try to consider possible (future) RP instances when things happen and create some RP instances without breaking character (much).

How's that OP'er? *wink* (n_~)

Forgot the full [ /b ] after that behind for behind the scenes. Whoops. ; )
Uh, no.

It was to never have MORE than one of an item. You should not then extrapolate that to mean "one of every item".


I like this thread a lot. A while back (10 years maybe) I made the same choice to be more verbose in my poses. And in my speech.

I wanted my poses and speech to be unique to my character, so much that people could reference the speech pattern when describing my character and have others recognize who they were referring to.

The greatest thing about this is that it really adds to both the immersion of the person writing and also that of the person (or people) reading.


@tutorials has a speaking and emoting tutorial which has a mirror in it that you can practice complicated poses in and see not only what you see, but what others see as well.

Also, I think if you asked on OOC-Chat or Game-Help for someone to practice with, that could totally be something another member of the community would work on with you. You could then post the log up for others to learn from!


Oh man, gender. That’s a really fun one to play around with. Thinking about how the opposite sex walks, how they hold themselves, what their motivations are— all super interesting. Sex, money, fame, infamy, stability, shelter.


Keep at it. It’s a roleplaying game. Most everything is going to be more fun and get the blood pumping in a good way, if you put yourself out there. Be willing to make mistakes.

Don’t be afraid to play to lose.


Yes. Please! If I find myself wanting to use something relevant to our time, I think about ways to rewrite it in terms of Sindome. Juicy Vee, E-Love, The Akalumpa, Sinners, Snakes, Jakes. These all make great SD pop-culture. This stuff is built into TV commercials and SIC Ads, and the random sic’s you see sometimes.

Hell, help build the SD pop culture legend of your character or other characters by telling bad ass stories of their heroics. You guys are playing the bad ass urban legends of tomorrow. The Red-Ikes and the Seven Ecks’. Every day, moment to moment, all of your legends are growing. Help each other out with that.


You’ve got the right attitude my friend. That’s a hell of a mission statement right there.


Hell of a goal. I can’t wait to see how it plays out. You’ll need to be conniving and brutal and loving and kind intermittently.


A good rule of thumb if you have a lot of gear if to be always trying to sell it. Either to shops or to players. Put up a list on the grid or a SIC ad. Start a fixing business or find someone with one and make a business arrangement with them. Start building your empire.


Creating things, role playing, plotting, planning. This is what makes Sindome great.


Psst. I did not extrapolate that at all. ;)

You wrote: I try to never hold on to more than one of something without a really good reason ... .

I wrote (since this was *goals*) that it seemed you were already doing that per what you wrote. :)


Nice comments. Thanks for each of them.

Thanks for starting this thread. I've had to actually think on this one. Well, i really -wanted- to think about it, anyway.

Given the time i have available for the game (not much) and the fact that a lot of the time i AM on i'm multitasking with other things like schoolwork, work, kid, etc. I tend to take things reallllllly slow. I don't jump into RP or conflict because i'm afraid i won't be able to follow up on it if i do. I try to foster IC relationships to some success, but most people don't have the patience for the slow route, which isn't their fault, it's mine. So after thinking on it here are the things i've decided to work on to flesh out my character better:

1) Not being afraid to take that big risk. I take little risks, but i've never stepped over that imaginary line into big risk territory. That's behind me now.

2)Mixing the little fun with the big fun. Basically remembering that my character has more depth than i do, probably. Everytime i log on i want to mix up my time. Do something silly and fun, but also make steps toward that next big payout and make -both- stand out, at least to me.

3)That brings me to: Always have a big goal in mind. Then set little goals to reach that big one. This way time restraints(hopefully) won't seem so paralyzing. I can make a step toward the little goal. I usually just flitter around until i find something to jump into or -not-.

4)REALLY master that .pose. Its funny. Because its hard. And ALL the people who think they've mastered it haven't. EVERYONE makes a LOT of mistakes. I know i do.

5)Sometimes i lose focus of my character's origins. I like the mix of different nationalities and cultures under the dome. A lot of people bring -something- different to the mix and i -love- that. My character's a little different, not by leaps and bounds, but sometimes she gets played as a dome native. Maybe there's some integration going on as there should be, but i don't want to forget her "History". I've stuck with it this far...i want to focus on it more going forward, too.

I'm sure i'll think of other things too, but that's enough for now. This was long. Sorry.

My biggest (current) RP goal is to find some way to flesh out the music scene in the sort of way that there's actually stuff I and others can reference and use that isn't just a fly-by on the SIC or the sparse(ish) musically inclined characters (i.e. Juicy Vee) -- unfortunately, I keep sitting down to do that and staring at what few lines I come up with and end up procrastinating, but someday it's gonna happen.

I'd also like to ... I suppose my desire is "amp up" my character's creativity and interest levels, flesh her out a bit more. She has a rather in-depth(ish) history, but I'm all over with her speech patterns and sometimes I fear she acts bipolar with jumping all over. She also has no hobbies. So a general expansion, definitely on my to-do list.

(And a third goal is to become less scared of the Imms and embrace that it's okay, sometimes, to bother them ICly for progression purposes and that they won't eat me for RPing.)

I wish I could roleplay more easily. I can only do it by shifting myself into my character's perspective, something like method roleplaying. It takes time and planning, and honestly just tires me out to the point that I need to motivate myself to RP something I already enjoy. If I'm caught while I'm online and I'm not ready, it takes me minutes to switch gears, and several emotes before I feel like I'm not weighed down.
My sole goal is to actually play the game instead of idling off for six months, then coming back and writing clothing descriptions for stuff, and then repeat.