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RP Development Video Ideas
What kinda video series would you like to see?

Hey All -

I am looking for ideas on what the community feels would be some useful video series for new, intermediate and advanced role players.

These videos wouldn't be super Sindome specific (I've got a series for that already as you all know!), so it's not about how commands work, or how to get a job on Sindome, but rather on the theory and craft of role playing, creating characters, fleshing them out, generating RP, playing to lose, etc.

Please let me know what interests you, where you feel you could use more information, or topics which caught you up when you first started RPing.


-- S

I'm kind of curious about the play to lose thing and what exactly that means.

I generally do my best to play to win--taking advantage of every one of my character's strengths and doing everything possible to wring victory out of any situation. Even so, it still feels like every victory is barely by the skin of their teeth and often times despite doing all the best planning and outsmarting everyone, they just lose by fiat or theme because Sindome seems to be a game where you mostly lose all the time no matter who you are.

So what does playing to lose look like when playing to win means you're already getting squashed more often than not?

Maybe touch on posing without exposition, the difference between:

Bob stares back blankly at you, a brow quirked just a bit.


Bob stares back at you, clearly not understanding what you meant.

The idea is that a pose/emote should show you what the character is doing, but not give you a window directly into their soul. Is he looking back at you because he didn't understand? Or does he just have to fart? The lack of that 100% clarity is what makes human interaction interesting and fun.

Maybe also an intro into getting a big plot going, something like:

Pick a target/enemy/etc.

Build a team.

Make a plan, @notes etiquette here,

Execute with or without puppets, and the pros and cons of this.

A reminder that while you might not "succeed", the fun is in the execution of the plan, not necessarily the victory or attainment of the big score.


I think topics that touch on the Sindome style of RP would be very great. Taking into account both the theme and how the is differs from a tabletop game.

Here is a list of possible topics. Some of them have been talked about on the forums, at Town Halls and/or on ooc-chat but I still think they would be great in video form for new players.

- Ambient Population/Small World and how it could hinder or help

- How to get the most out of engaging NPCs (confirm over xhelp first)

- Players before NPCs approach (always find a player if you can)

- Small circles in a big world and changing relationships

- How to expose yourself to RP (get out of your pad)

- Themely risks, morals and reasoning

- RP before, during and after combat/theft/whatever

- Wokring with the frequently asynchronous nature of GM interaction

- Building characters that are fun to play and pitfalls that lead to boring

- The balance between finding action and work (not the coded kind) vs. trust and risk avoidance

- Playing specific roles in a themely manner (Ganger, TERRA, Judge, Doc, PR, whatever...)

- Themely and reasonable IC training when learning new skills

- Turning RP into flash and flash into RP

- Finding engaging RP at various power levels

I don't know if all of those are good ideas but they are the first things that pop into my mind.

I'd like to second Grey0's ideas please. I would be very interested in watching these videos!
Third for some of those. I also am probably guilty of posing incorrectly.

Playing to lose doesn't necessarily mean inflicting self harm to your character, it can also be leading them into shifty situations even when you (the player) are aware that situation could probably get them killed. This means:

1. Your character is not always as perceptive or smart as you are. If you, the player, know you could be set up, your character could perceive the situation as an opportunity for extra flash. Use the theme to your advantage: you always want more.

2. Taking more risks. Going topside for that hit or fighting a ganger against your odds. This should be done when there will be a real potential benefit in your favor, either money, gear, influence, or just sending a message. Some players actually are risk averse and I can respect their playstyle, but ultimately in terms of what generates more RP, this is better.

3. Your character wouldn't react the same way you would react in the same situation in real life. If they are being aimed at with a niner, it's not always wise to fight back even if you're armed. If you're being kidnapped, they wouldn't always try to escape (shock can be real). Instead, acknowledge that going along with other player's plots can create even more roleplay, e.g. the aftermath of your misfortune. Use your character's emotions.

Really like Grey's list, particularly the one about RPing before/during/after PvP stuff. The last MUD I played was so damned cutthroat, if you didn't surprise jump you might as well shouldn't bother jumping at all. Here, it is so much more rewarding when you RP up to and after combat.
These are exceptional! I just wanted to jump in and say that. Keep 'em coming if you got em!
I have to agree with all the above posts. I really like the one about posing and emotes. Maybe have one that also covers keeping IC and OOC separate and the importance of it. Another idea, maybe one on the social class structure?
I've created a new playlist for 'Roleplay Better':

There are two videos so far:

Get The Most Out Of NPCs:

The World Is Full Of People, Even If You Don't See Them:

Let me know your thoughts!

-- S