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Rules Update: 5.C
Five Finger Fanatics

Per a flag on game-help about an outdated rule the staff have voted to update rule 5.C Five Finger Fanatics from:

5.C. Five Finger Fanatics

NPCs that run stores for players, while they are out and about, tend not

to be the greatest thief catchers. If players insist on continuously

'lifting' items from stores, they should keep in mind that the Judges will

start full-scale operations to apprehend suspects. This will lead to

massive character searches on the streets. When players are caught with

stolen items that have been reported their characters will be judged and

sentence will be passed on the spot. Other kinds of theft will be treated

the same.

To the following:

5.C Five Finger Fanatics

Stealing from the same character or store over and over in short order with

little to no roleplay is unacceptable. Limit your thieving to an amount that

would be acceptable if this were a real life situation. Would you really

lift something from the shelf of a store, leave, and then go back 15 more

times? Would you brush past the same person in a crowd 8 times in 5 minutes?

Doing this will result in warnings, or potentially deadly in character



-- S

The command tells you to try to limit it to once per day. It's not contrary to this, this isn't just so specifically defined, this is enhanced by that.

Also, there is no Cerberus Death Squad, and I'd appreciate you not be so insulting, unproductive with your comments to posts like these.

Please see the rules on Community Harm and Staff Abuse.

Oh. I was led to believe this was disabled for years now, and only viable through puppets? That should be the case anyway to prevent blatant gamey abuse. Steal from characters, not NPC run stores where unresponsive NPC's are filling in for the owners. Sure, you see something you like in a store. Try lift it. Go back in 24 hours? Risky. Repeatedly going in and out in a day? Blatant. You'd get shaked down. Try be realistic here and do the shop thefts once a week, one or two items, depending on size and value. We're not here to win and shop owners have to make their bread too.
That's just my opinion anyway. Stealing from stores requires zero interaction with other characters and that's what we're all here for, roleplay. Stealing from characters opens up roleplay chances versus shoplift x from shelf.