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See you at the town-hall
De-compressing till then.

I recently took two weeks off from the game, admin-side and player-side as well, due to personal busy-ness and travel.

I had intended to come back but a variety of things are keeping me away from the game.

On the personal side, new interests as well as new responsibilities mean that my time will be budgeted for other things.

On the game side, there are things which I'd like to accomplish but I recognized today that I really can't right now.

It was painful to log in today for the first time in two weeks and be forced to recognize that I don't have one single speck in me of what I wish I could give to the game right now. So, I won't be logging in at all till I can muster some real love and attention for my fellow admins and players.

I understand.

Do well.


Till later.

A little off topic but, I've been away too due to more work.

Can someone tell me when the next Townhall is?

Did I miss it if it was in April, last month?


A date hasn't been set.

You didn't miss one.

Thank you.

Heya Linekin,

Sorry to see you go buddy and I'll look forwards to your return. You've helped me build some of the best moments in RP I've had over my year and a bit in Sindome and always been polite and friendly oocly. I hope whatever new responsibilities you have taken on aren't too troublesome for you and you can enjoy your time away from sindome and once again, I look forwards to your return.

In the meantime, walk safe chummah.

Hailfire Out

Hey Lin,

It's good to take some time to decompress and chillax with other stuff. I'm glad you are taking care of and not forcing yourself to something that, even from the admin side, should be at least tangentially entertaining.

Be well, walk safe, stay awesome =)

FYI, I am the hold up on the town hall. Had to wait for stats. Now I need to write words. We'll announce the town hall date shortly.

I'm back.

Nice. Haven't met you before. I just started played around the time you left. Hopefully I'll run into you IG!