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Seriously I need to vent
This game lost the fun.

Note: I -am- venting. I am bitchhing. If you want to take it more personal that's your problem. But then you are just censoring people for thinking differently then you. I got more experience as a GM then you have. I'm 34. And I been in the Tabletop PnP Scene since I was nine. GM's aren't supposed to be dicks or assholes. They are supposed to be impartial as best they can.

And I quote:

Cerb, you obviously care much more about being right than you care about the players being able to enjoy and express themselves in the game, and it's clear that you'd rather use your dubious authority of "partially in charge of a role playing game on the Internet" to shut down anyone whose views don't line up with yours than acquiesce or engage even slightly, even on a matter that ultimately has very little consequence.

This isn't even about whether or not "lol" is a word; I've only been the target of this kind of behavior from you on one occasion that I can remember, but I've seen you do it to others enough that I can't stay silent about it anymore. A GM's job should be to foster a welcoming community for the game and help keep the game smooth-running and enjoyable, and your attitude is acting counter to both.

I do not expect you will change, as your fanatic belief in your own logic and reasoning skills does not seem to permit you ever admit you have anything to learn, but I could not in good conscience stay silent about it any longer. It's making the game less enjoyable for me and others. $void me or delete my character if you want, because there's nothing about your 'powers' or 'authority' as Sindome Head GM that intimidates me.

Sorry if this sounds unpleasant and dismissive, but you reap what you sew. I know GMing is challenging, demanding, and often thankless work, but this isn't even about the player-GM relationship so much as it is about baseline civility between two adults. I do want to keep playing and enjoying the game, but the fact that this kind of dynamic between the GMs and players seems to be considered not only normal but exemplary worries me greatly.

And if being able to say "lol" on SIC matters enough to someone that they can make a well-reasoned, researched, and even cited case for being able to, just fucking let them.

I have ample evidence that you abuse your position. Does it even matter when the rest of staff back you up regardless? No. Of course not.

No one else is as power tripping as you are. At -least- the others sit down and talk to you -even- if they chew you out. I been chewed by all admin. But newted constantly? Only once and it -was- my fault.

But getting newted for saying I defended you when this was posted only to realize that he is totally right? And all I said was:

xhelp Do you see me doing anything else? As for being high. Yeah I am. Okay. I get it. But my friend Tim wasn't when he wrote what he did and I'm the only idiot who defended you people.

So yeah I AM HIGH. But I didn't say anything to disrespect you. Well -now- I am saying something disrespectful:

I have -no- idea why they made you Head GM. You are only a guy with a power trip problem. All staff can defend you but you are all going to end up with a graveyard for a game with your actions. You totally -suck- the fun out of this game. As in this game is not fun anymore. At all.

AND for the last time:

You DON'T know my character. He has my fearless attitude. I signed up as a combat medic for a reason: because I was completely and am completely unafraid of death. I been in a lot of death and life situations and even shot on the streets by a corrupt police officer at 50 feet. Never showed him one iota of fear. Car crashed. Not one iota of fear. I don't do fear. Never have. Never will. All my characters inherit two things from me. Being cold and being fearless. All my Sergeants respected me because of that. I was never afraid to stick my neck out even if it meant dying.

I'm not here to pull aside the admin curtain and show you all kinds of stuff you dont need to know, but.

I'm very happy to tell you why *I* supported and voted for Cerberus as Head GM.

He is fantastic for this game. He is fantastic for its theme, he is fantastic for organizing a large group of GMs in a consistent and plot-stimulating way, he is fantastic for YOU when your character needs an admin, some RP, a job.

I'll also state that, by headcount, three times as many players have thankyou'd Cerberus as fuckyou'd him.

Not commenting on the original post, but to Linekin...

I think the biggest problem is that of attitude and personality. Because let's step back and look at things on a broader scale. Johnny has done tons of crazy, mean, bad, whatever shit to characters. But practically no players are mad at him. Why? Because he's relatable and if you have an issue he'll sit down and talk to you on a person-to-person equal level basis.

Cerb has intentionally made being antagonistic his identifying characteristic. And that invites strife from players and resentment over anything he does that isn't positive. Coupled with his refusal to discuss things with players, it leads to this kind of situation.

It's basic sociology. If you do something that screws someone over in the game in some way, if you're receptive, friendly, and compassionate they'll talk to you and leave thinking hey getting fucked over was actually pretty good for my RP, thank you! But if someone is kinda upset over the situation, and is met with a brick wall, they'll take it more personally, become more resentful, and think the action was solely to harm them as a player.

Honey, not vinegar.

If someone is still a regular problem when you're using honey instead of vinegar, then you have good standing to bitchslap them out of the game. But if someone is still a problem when you use vinegar, well it's sorta like what did you expect?

'Cerb has intentionally made being antagonistic his identifying characteristic.'

That's an opinion, not a fact.

I've seen Cerberus honestly spend an inordinate amount of time just puppeting things in the background to bring the city to life, without any relation to plots or harming/helping PCs directly.

I'm speaking both from things admin have said to me (including very senior staff) and his own xsocial. He wants to be known as harsh and antagonistic.
To quote someone very senior in the game, when I was trying to praise Cerb a few months ago and bust through his shell "ssshhh, he has a reputation to maintain"
I don't agree that OOC antagonism is Cerberus's characteristic.

OOC antagonism between Cerberus and players IS ALWAYS started by the player, as far as I have EVER seen.

Shortness, blutness, efficiency in communication, brevity, these are not "antagonism" they are the tools of a busy admin who needs distractions to stop so he can continue supporting sometimes dozens of players at a time, sometimes alone without other GMs present to back him up.

When people react with flames, amplifying the distraction level, I don't blame Cerberus for amplifying his resistance to entertaining it and shutting it down with voids or, if necessary, @newts.

I really don't.

I've done it too.

IC antagonism? Yes. Blame CERB-RUS. OOC antagonism? I've seen the logs of almost all the interactions. I was present for many of them. My perception is not sympathetic to any of the players who are speaking about this OOC antagonism between themselves and Cerberus.

Read above. Players have respond to his decisions, frankness, brevity and bluntness with inappropriate arguments (you can look up what the proper use of XHELP is) and with flames and personal attacks. Players also mistake IC antagonism for OOC antagonism when Cerberus talks OOCly about what's happening to the player ICly.

Like I said Linekin, a few months ago I was trying to reach out and apologize to him for some things, and Johnny messaged me telling me to be quiet because Cerb had a reputation to maintain.
Socials are a joke. They are a parody. If his social is being taken as his actual attitude then that is a problem with your perception of what a social is.

xiga real quick.

Are we to think that everyone that xiga's wants to BLAME all the mac users? Or that Jinx needs to get back in a box? Or that I am awful at spe-- alright, perhaps my social is somewhat accurate-- but xfeng and see the otherside of the coin.

The Head GM's job, in this day and age is not to hand hold or coddle or spend endless hours talking things over with players over xhelp. It's to keep the game running as smoothly as possible in the IC world. There is nothing in the job description about being nice or making everyone like you.

I'm very, very tired of listening to you guys gripe about a person who legitimately GMs for all of you more than ANYONE else. When I 'retired' as being a Head GM, I left a really really really big hole to fill. I'm not tooting my own horn here-- I have had 12 years of experience on this game and I am good at stuff on the back end. Cerberus has like, 6 months under his belt and he is pulling the same kind of weight I was pulling with EIGHT YEARS experience.

This is a guy who gets on, and stays on, most of his day, to craft a game and interactions FOR YOU GUYS. And ALL I hear is BITCHING. How ungrateful can you be? He contributes his time FREELY. You complain that he isn't NICE ENOUGH? How would you be acting if you freely gave HUGE AMOUNTS of your time in support and help of OTHER PEOPLES ENJOYMENT and all they wanted to do was complain about how unfair it was or how they died or how they didn't get what they wanted or how you are MEAN.

This is 100% unacceptable. I am calling on YOU GUYS, the PLAYERS, to put an end to this. If you don't want to be playing a game that has no GMs because they feel under-appreciated or driven off by the very people they sign up to create enjoyment for, you guys need to cut this shit out. You guys need to begin talking to each other about how unacceptable it is to berate and attack a staff that is not only all volunteer but also molded around the idea of creating-- not a happy fluffy bunny world-- but a compelling dystopian cyberpunk world.

You guys need to police yourselves. You need to exert social pressure on the people that are posting screenshots of IC info on the boards or complaining that they died or are unhappy with their interactions with PCs or NPCs.

The staff is an easy target but the issues that these players have are not specific to staff they are specific to ANY PERSON that interrupts their little bubble of RP or does not immediately give their character everything they expected without having to earn it.

You guys need to stop this Us versus Them, Players vs. Staff mentality.

This game is based around cooperative competition. We all COOPERATE OOCLY so we can COMPETE ICLY, as PLAYERS. The Staff is here to empower, stir the pot, progressive the storyline, mix the bad with the good.

The players have ALWAYS been the ones that prevented the mentality of US v THEM in the past. Where has that gone? Where is the outrage that Issac is posting IC INFO on the boards? Where is the outrage that a handful of players are seeking to drive away the MOST ACTIVE GM.

You guys have no idea how time consuming being a GM is or how difficult it is to deal with a constant onslaught of issues.

The social contract we work under states that you guys TRUST us. And we TRUST you. But where is that trust? We break our backs every day to keep the game running and the only thing we complain about is players breaking the @rules and players bitching about us DOING OUR JOBS.

Why do topics like this exist? Why isn't every single player in the game stepping up to say "THIS SHIT IS NOT OKAY." to other players that seek to disrupt, drive away, reveal IC info OOCly, create a toxic atmosphere OOCly, etc.

This is not just on the staff. We are a community. How are you guys allowing this abuse of the people that keep the game moving to continue?

There are a HANDFUL of people that need to be set straight. Excert some social pressure and tell them, as their peers, that they need to CUT THIS SHIT OUT.

The players are the MOST effective OOC police force for the game. If someone in a position of power tells you not to do something you can easily chalk it up to 'the man' keeping you down. If one of your peers tells you that you are out of line-- that is the real eye opener.

So step the hell up and help us stamp out the BS that is effecting everyones RP. Because let me tell you what isn't happening right now. Puppets. Plotting. Coding. Because the entire staff is not focused on THIS. How to deal with it. Editing IC info out of BGBB posts. Editing fucking SCREENSHOTS out of BGBB posts. Figuring out who did what and who needs to be banned.

When we -should- be RPing or coding or scripting or plotting or training or helping new players.

We need YOUR help to put an end to this. So look to the person you talk with on Skype or AIM or Facebook or OOC-Chat and if they start breaking the rules or bitching or creating a negative atmosphere-- tell them to cut it the hell out. You don't need to take it to staff unless you want to. No one is asking you to 'betray' your friendships. But you do yourself and the rest of the community a disservice when you see someone doing something that hurts the game and you don't step up and say STOP IT.


If players aren't bringing themely conflict to each other, it's the GMs' MAIN job to bring conflict to them.

If that makes this game un-fun for any player, they need a different game. We have literally hundreds of players who are here for THIS theme, THIS gameplay, THIS playstyle. And they LOVE it and THANK us for it when GMs bring it.

(That is not an exaggeration, almost 200 players earned entries into Johnny's phone raffle in a 4 week period this fall.)

The very small handful of players who have been having problems with Cerberus specifically or with gameplay in general can vote with their feet.

DO NOT do it with xhelp or inappropriate BGBB flames.

Brendan imma smack you upside the head sometime, lol.

You guys need to stop this Us versus Them, Players vs. Staff mentality.

My main issue I'm raising is Cerb is driving the Us vs Them thing. I *want* it to end, I want players and staff to be open and friends and casual and shit again. I've been trying to do that for months and months. I know there's been the moments where I get super bitch-mode and get a well-earned time-out and I'll be the first to admit that, but in general, when I or others try to broach this issue, there's a huge wall of 'No.' or other silencing of the discussion.

I want open dialogue, I want *human* responses. You yourself have refused to let me back into the game without giving a full human response, rather than just one-word answers, Slither. If someone asks a legitimate question, and the only answer is a simple 'No' when no doesn't even make *sense* for the question asked... come on.

We gotta drop this wall. I know you don't have it because we've had some pretty goddamn candid discussions before Slither, but with Cerb at the helm, it seems to be a growing thing among other staff. And I think it'd be bad for the game in the long term if a barrier is built up between players and staff.

Players will always be difficult. There's no way around that. But even the most difficult of us still are people too. We're not just mindless complaint machines, we have reasons behind it.

I'd suggest an IRC channel to have a more laid back place to talk game stuff, but that'd be easily abusable by people private messaging. So we gotta get a way to have player-staff talks more open and less tense. Without the constant threat of banning hanging over if the GM doesn't like what the player says. That's a huge hindrance to open discussion. You can't have open communication when one side has the power to smite you if you speak out of line, it scares people into not saying what they truly want to say.

Stop insisting on arguing till you hear what you want to hear, Xenode.

It isn't coming, no matter how much time YOU have in your day and your life to spend hammering on it. Nobody else is interested in spending another second on it. So drop it.

My name is Slither. Please do not use my IRL name when discussing Sindome admin things. I find it disrespectful. If that is how I wanted to be addressed I would have a BGBB name 'Brendan'.
Okay... I apologize for that. I thought since you regularly link to things with your IRL name on the boards and in game it was okay.
No. No IRC channel. Not supported by the admin. No dropping the wall. The wall is there to protect EVERYONE from IC bleed.

The admin are frank and simple with their responses because we are busy. The game is too big and there are too few of us to have long drawn out conversations with every player that wants a long form explanation about why something happened or how it's IC.

That's just the way it is. If you cannot accept that, please go find another game because you are ruining this one.

As Linekin said, there are plenty of people who trust the admin and who want to play THIS game.

Why are there no PLAYERS weighing in about how unacceptable it is to expect the admin to spend UNLIMITED time explaining things to a handful of people who just don't seem to get it?

Even this thread-- I am sitting here explaining the same thing over and over.

Every moment spent on xhelp is a moment not spent puppeting or coding or plotting or answering gridmails or helping new players.

I'm trying very hard not to call out specific people even though those people are calling out specific admin.

These handful of people I talk about require not 'moments' but 'hours' of xhelp time and e-mail responses from admin EACH WEEK. INDIVIDUALLY.

And that's not to mention the amount of time the staff has to spend discussing what is fair or unfair punishment wise and OOC courses of actions to allow people like this to continue playing the game in a way that wont be disruptive.

PLAYERS! You guys need to step up and tell these people it is NOT OKAY. They are taking time away from the staff contributing to YOUR game so they can selfishly have things that DO NOT REQUIRE explanation explained to you. And when we do it-- when we give them what they want-- they just want more. And when we don't-- they create threads like this or bitch or flame or waste even more of our time. Or sap MORE of our energy. Time and energy that would normally be spent puppeting and creating a better world -- not for one single player who selfishly needs direct attention from the admin daily or they go off the rails -- but for EVERY PLAYER IN THE GAME.

Well at least I now know you're not talking about me since it's rather rare for me to email staff.
Okay, I'd like to chime in now that I know who the player in question is.

Xenode, I'd just like to say that I never expected this from a player like you, and that from my side of things everything that's happened to you ICly seems to have happened fairly. Sure you can call the latest happening a Deus Ex Machina but you had plenty of warning about it. You chose to react this way ICly.

And still you have opportunities for RP ahead of you. I know that if you find it in yourself to calm down and stick it out, and stop assuming unfairness, you can still find this line of RP fun and fulfilling.

Taking things OOC and arguing unfairness from a metagame perspective is /not/ the way to do it.

SoulTune... I respect you as a player, but you really don't know the half of what's happened ICly. Or the OOC pressure from staff to do un-IC things so their plots can continue.
Did they not state their reasons? They were guiding you towards fun RP because a player involved in this got newt'd, as I understand it.
Our reasons have been stated and are super clear. No GM would force a character to make an un-IC decision, but when a character involved in your RP has been removed from the game and will stay that way for an extended period of time it's up to us to try to progress the RP or at least provide supplemental RP.

This player not only does not understand that, but prefers to argue each and every single time they do not get their way or something doesn't fit with exactly how THEY expect the game to play out.

This is not a single player game. This is not a two player game where you get to RP with one other person exclusively and expect the GMs to just go along with that and continue to provide compelling story for just TWO players.

Our goal as GMs in general is usually to get as many people involved in as many plots as we can so as many possible units of entertainment can be gained by as many possible people.

We are not against you OOCly. We are for you OOCly. We put your characters in tough situations and punch you in the feels as often as we can because that's what makes the game fun. If you do not find that kind of thing fun-- and want to just live a happy fun fluffy bunny life with no real strife: Go and play The Sims.

Don't try to turn Sindome into YOUR game.

I thought quite a bit about responding to all this because, quite frankly, it has me rather heated. I’ve voiced my words before and had people (much the same that are complaining of ‘abuse’ from staff) rant at me that I’m being overly aggressive simply because I didn’t agree. That hypocrisy has kept me from adding fuel to the fire, but, right now. I’m very disappointed and I’m not the type to just let people bully anyone, including Staff. So, here goes. Read this, don’t read it. Agree with it, don’t agree with it. Like I’m often want to say, opinions are like assholes, we all have one and they sometimes do nothing but leak shit.

I would have piped up on this in earlier, but I work and couldn’t get to the computer to voice my thoughts in detail. But, here goes -

Firstly, I have played SD for a while. I’m by no means a veteran but I would like to think I’ve got a healthy understanding of the theme. Much of this through trial and error and probably a few irritations on staff’s part (my apologies for that :) ) I am playing my second-ever character for SD which is one that is ‘out of my comfort zone’ as far as styles go. My first character has been killed, murdered, mugged, had all their belongings stolen (more than once), et cetera, et cetera ad naseaum. And, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Because it was all THEMED. My character was cheated on, hoodwinked, set up, plotted against and even tried her own hands at plotting. And, while I as the Player didn’t always enjoy it at the moment, I knew I would once I got over the initial shock because – guess what – it was all THEMED. Immersion RP, drama, conflict.

I have had staff assistance with my current character and - without giving out IC information - had staff actually dedicate RP time to 'train' my character on things that I've never done before. And, I thank all of you that have done this (you know who you are)

This is a dystopian, ‘have and have nots’ game, as Euclid said. Its driven by conflict, meant to be ‘harsh’ and catapults us all into an alternate reality that is separate from the world of RL.

I have read through most of the posts here and please forgive me if I repeat things already said. If I do, it’s simply to reinforce my agreement with their comments. And, Staff needs to know that there are players that support them.

A few short things from the website: “Sindome…explicitly support playing a role and defining your character day by day.” “As your character explores the city…(they will) be thrust into conflict of the ongoing class struggle between the corporation suits who have everything and the street scum who craves everything.”

Every player here should understand the stylized THEME of SD.

I have been witness to most of the ‘complaints’ that have been tossed around. Usually either on OOC-Chat or here on the BgBB. Its pretty much unavoidable. And, quite frankly, its distracting and frustrating and setting a poor example to anyone viewing this game for the first time.

There are a select few that are making this game un-fun. Not the GMs in my view who are puppetting, creating RP, resolving WHINEY/UNNESSESARY/INVALID complaints, monitoring OOC chat to ensure no one is offended or offensive, doing code, creating equipment/designs/new areas, training PC on IC jobs/equipments/mechanics, training new GM staff, et cetera.

But, as a player, I see some players that do nothing but work really hard to create the wrong kind of conflict – OOC Conflict. If that energy was only redirected into the game…

I’ve seen such comments as ‘I come to SD to play with my friends’, ‘to enjoy some fun and non-stress related RP’ and ‘I don’t want to have to do conflict RP’.

WTH?! Did none of those people read the game theme? This isn’t a dating site. Its not a chatroom with RP on the side and it’s not a fluffy bunny world. It’s a game that is based at its very core on CONFLICT.

Does that mean that every day needs to be a struggle? No. Of course not. But this game is not about winning, riding off into the sunset or any of those sorts of ideals. It’s about waking up and realizing your dreams were the happy place and the ‘real world of SD’ is just there to eat you alive. Its inevitable. Your character’s life is purely, simply and inexplicably the in-between of those two slowly colliding realities.

And, every time certain players state they are unhappy with the game mechanics, theme, RP, GMs, whatever…and are told ‘if you are unhappy – don’t play’, they get all upset and state they feel ‘threatened’ or ‘bullied’ into submission.

Jesus Christ on a stick – really?! Passive-aggressive much?

If you don’t like brussel sprouts – do you stop eating it? Or do you rant at your veggies, crying and lamenting to the cook how cruel they are to you for making you suffer through eating them? If you don’t like a game or don’t feel comfortable playing a game or don’t like the rules of a game – don’t play it. It’s not a threat or bullying…its common fucking sense.

Stop trying to change the game others enjoy simply because you feel it’s ‘wrong’ or doesn't fit what you want to play. This game has been around for 18+ years. I think it’ll be here for quite a few more with or without those players that feel they are victims because their self-aggrandizing views are not being given their proper due and they are not being treated ‘respectfully’.

As many have heard but it obviously needs to be reiterated – It’s not a one-player game.

Cerberus – I have found you to be succinct and to the point. As it should be. I am an adult and shouldn’t need coddling. We are all adults and should not need coddling. I agree with what’s been said above in other posts. You’re very active. And, you deal with a lot which makes you the target for much of the nastiness that’s being lobbed about here. I personally have seen the dedication you have done at the detriment of your own personal enjoyment to bring ENJOYMENT to the masses of this game. I applaud you and I am seriously pissed at those that have made you feel like you want to leave. It’s a shame that people can be so damned childish. I don’t blame you for feeling like walking given the behavior you've had to deal with but I truly hope you don’t. The game would suffer from your absence. The same goes for other STAFF that I’ve interacted with in the past. Linekin, Slither, Jinx. All of you deserve our respect and I applaud you for what you do for a game that is obviously filled a few ingrates. Please don’t judge us all by that standard.
ha! I made it through about three seconds of that before laughing out loud and my Sergeant staring at me like I was crazy. Damn you Cerb!
I've been watching this.. well argument unfold for a bit now, but thought some input from a new player (Couple of weeks under my belt now, maybe a month total?) might help.

As a new player, Cerebus has been good for me when I've needed him. Sure I like the person who doesn't beat around the bush, but he's never -offended- me in any way, only been truthful.

I always feel disappointed when people start yelling on the internet, always makes you guys seem like worse people...

N.B -seem-

*spins like a seal*

I've been watching this.. well argument unfold for a bit now, but thought some input from a new player (Couple of weeks under my belt now, maybe a month total?) might help.

As a new player, Cerebus has been good for me when I've needed him. Sure I like the person who doesn't beat around the bush, but he's never -offended- me in any way, only been truthful.

I always feel disappointed when people start yelling on the internet, always makes you guys seem like worse people...

N.B -seem-

*spins like a seal*

I'd say something, but 100% ditto Jade1202. Well said and well put. Go Cerberus go.
@IsaacF : I understand and sympathize with your frustration. I respect your experience as a GM for other games, your opinions, and your freedom of expression. However, I am disappointed with your use of this board as an outlet. Your post shows up at the top of our public page, where new players wanting to learn about the game (and join us in expanding the community) form their first impressions. How would you have reacted if this was the first thing you read about the game from an actual player? It's a rhetorical question, please do give it some thought though.

Where the hell are you supposed to vent at then, you may ask? We, the players, aren't supposed to openly vent on xhelp. Or on the BgBB. Or through email (even though you are more likely to get a response, you are wasting GM time that should be used IC). Or on FB or twitter or on IRC or on the phone to your friend who is a GM. If you do, you have to exercise EXTREME prejudice in how & what you say, to be taken seriously and not cross IC/OOC lines.

I understand this problem. To be honest, I deal with it every time I have interaction with the GMs ICly. But after I calm down, or TAKE A LONG BREAK (hint hint), something brings me back to this community. No one attitude/interaction/person will drive me away, because I believe that after the ups and the downs, this game continues to run in the right general direction. It captivates and builds into an amazing and unique home for our most cyberpunk/dystopian expressions. And don't you want to be a part of that?

PLAYERS, I've been advised NOT TO DO THIS, but damn it I'm going to do it anyways. Here, today, I'm issuing you a Player vs. Player challenge: Don't xhelp for 20 days. Can you do it? If not, ask yourself WHY.

Exceptions can be made for bugs/getting stuck/if a GM xhelps you first.

Show your self discipline. Show your restraint. Show the admin your trust. Build a little credit in their eyes as a non-complainer. Maybe you will learn a bit about yourself along the way. I look forward to hearing about how it goes.

@Cerberus : I do think it is worth a few more keystrokes to be a bit nicer. But you have the same freedom of expression IsaacF does. The only difference is, we're all expecting you to set the example and keep us moving forward collectively. Even if that means shedding dead weight (or censoring my posts, or newting me, or whatever).

@Xenode: I gotta say (my opinion) your posts are just not helping at all, please make more effort to post constructive feedback. Don't be that guy!

@Jade: I liked your post. Well said.

Thanks for reading.

I'm with Jade.

Besides, you should have taken this in an e-mail, not the boards. If at all. Gotta take a look at the other point of view especially since you have GM'd tabletop before. (I have too.)

I wasn't around in the morning and only just now reading this, but I'm with Jade. Jade's put together basically what I was going to put together.

I can see how some posts might seem antagonistic but they are actually short and to the point. No wasting time. The GM's have a lot on their hands. Disagreements happen. If you can see it was just meant as short and to the point, that will help.

Now, let's spin like the seal above, breathe, and play ball! I mean, let's get to conspiring in game. :)