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Sharing Contact Information Rule
@rules 4.F [Rules Update]

The admin have voted and we have elected to officially adopt the following rule (which has been an unwritten rule hitherto), effective immediately.


Misc. Violations: 4.F Sharing Contact Information

Sharing your personal contact info (email, slack, facebook, etc.) on the BGBB forums is explicitly prohibited without express written permission from the admin. Failure to abide by this rule will result in being banned from the BGBB and possibly the game itself.



I was wondering about this myself. It'd be cool to connect with fellow RPers, but for the sake of immersion and not breaking rules, this is probably for the best.

Truuuuust me, it's for the best. If you do a quick search of the boards for meta gaming you'll find tons of topics where this has been a huge problem in the past that has derailed the game experience for numerous players and eaten up tons of GM time that would be better spent handling puppet requests for all you excellent players! :)