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Sindome Admin Podcast #1
Listen, learn, be happy!

Hey Everyone -

Your friendly neighborhood admin took some time over the holidays to record about three hours of podcast material. The first hour or so of which I've edited down and turned into episode one of what I hope will be a semi-annual podcast.

Originally it was myself, Mephisto and Atlas on the podcast, but Meph had recording issues so I had to edit where he was talking out, since I couldn't get his audio. Thus, there may be some wonky jumps in topic here and there. Also, my microphone sucks so you'll have to deal with some clicking here and there. I tried to silence it post production as much as possible.

We cover a few topics in the podcast, chit chat about various things regarding the game, and generally discuss do's and don'ts as well as our opinions on various roleplay related things with regards to Sindome.

I have two more hours to edit and put out as episode 2 and 3 and we hope to have additional ones with different admin in the future!

Thanks to the admin that took part! Hope you guys enjoy. Feel free to post feedback as well as suggestions for future topics.

Episode #1:

-- Slither

That was good to watch, too bad Meph got cut out.

Now I want the Director's Cut with the extended scenes.

Seriously. Good stuff, good consideration and good advice.

All great stuff so far. The bits about delegation and tailoring were really helpful, especially given the enormous freedom the latter offers.