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Sindome Anthology I
Submit your proposals!

Hey Everyone -

We are all so creative. Recently I was presented with the idea of creating an anthology of Sindome stories, poetry, and art. I love the idea. So I'm moving it forward, hopefully with your help.


We are soliciting proposals from members of the community for the Sindome Anthology which we will publish on Amazon with all proceeds going to support the game.

Aspiring writer/creative? This could be good publishing cred for you.

Want more information? All the information you need is located here:

Please review that doc and submit your proposals using the form that's linked from it.

If you still have questions after reading the proposal guidelines please respond to this thread. However, please read the guidelines from start to finish before asking questions :)

I'm super excited to help put this together and I hope many of you are interested in contributing as well!

So sort of a small question, but does the story have to have a whole plot? Or can it just be like "A day in the life" sort of thing? Also, is there a certain length you guys would prefer?
I have a crazy idea if some are able to pull it off--reference other anthology characters. Sort of like passing the baton around within the book. It might take some organizing to do this or a bit of editing to slip that in, but that would be really fun.

Example: one story about a newscaster, then that newscaster gets heckled towards the end of his story by a ganger. Then another story is about that ganger. Then that ganger interacts with a ripper doc briefly. Then the ripper doc has their own story.

Not all of the stories have to do this, but a few here and there would be wild.

That's a really sweet idea, Supermarket! Sort of like a Pulp Fiction-esque, intertwining story type deal? I'd love to see how that'd turn out.
Nothing saying you can't make a proposal to do 3 short stories that are intertwined. Or 1 short story that is at the max of like 3.5k words with each mini story being like 1000 words.

Also, Geoux the word count is a soft 3500.

And yeah, it should have a plot.

Great, thanks.
I know many of you discussed wanting to put in a proposal and haven't had a chance yet. This is another ping that you should do so ASAP so we can get a good idea of what we are looking at!

I continue to be super excited about this. Thank you all so much for the excitement you are also feeling. It's really great to be part of such a creative and awesome community!

-- S

Hey Folks -

I'm going to close the submissions for this soon, but I want to give you all a last few days to submit your idea for review. So far several people have submitted but there are more of you out there that I know have a creative flare that I want to hear from!

What have you got to lose? :)

-- S