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sindome archetype illustrations
submit to meeeeee.............

hello hello i've agreed to do a series of archetype illustration banner things so each archetype gets a cool visual to go with it.

here's a sketch that i did for the street samurai one:

i've already got a couple characters decided but

if your character is a:

ripper doc (eg underground doctor, ambulance technician, cybernetics surgeon)

medic (eg EMT, paramedic, private care taker, forensics expert)

gearhead (eg mechanic, wheelman, taxi driver, car thief)

media star (eg tv personality, musician, debutante, press liason, street reporter)

enforcer (eg street judge, private eye, bounty hunter, vigilante)

fixer (eg fence, smuggler, drug dealer)

street thug (gang member, pickpocket, terra agent)

candyman (eg pharmacist, drug dealer, pot farmer, underground chemist)

cyberjockey (eg network administrator, security consultant, hacker)

tech guru (eg security technician, electronics technician, remote operator)

street urchin (eg courier, drug dealer, spy, smuggler)

send an email with their description to amyclare [at] redmongoose [dot] net so i can completely metagame and ruin everything for everyone.

even if your character doesnt totally fit the archetype if you can make a case for it or if thats just the feeling you get from them, go ahead and submit it anyway.

im going to flip coins if i get multiples so dont hate me

Looks like fun. :)
i took a quick and (really) dirty colour pass:

that's what they'll look like done, except ... clean

my email is kind of hidden in the first post so it's

>> amyclare at redmongoose dot net <<

You need to draw Zach.
Naw Zach's ugly let's forget about him.
I can't wait to see everything that rolls out!

i picked who im going to use for the ripper doc archetype so i'll get started on that soon. i have a few more in mind but i'm not going to settle on them til i get there.

you're also welcome to send descriptions of old characters you arent playing right now.

Are there archetypes you are still looking for descs for?
is Ninja an archetype?
I haven't received any for:



street thug

tech guru

street urchin

ive received lots of candymen and gearheads so far. the rest only have like, one, and im willing to put multiples in if there's any really awesome looking pairs.

I may be having a slow moment here because I do little in the OOC realms ever.. but how do I find your email....? >_>
amyclare at redmongoose dot net
I still see no midgets!
Are you still designing illustrations for each archetype? And if so, what archetypes do you still need descriptions for? Be it few submissions in that one category or that you want to do more than one/draw something other than what's submitted.
@Inflicted Psycho

She is creating them and I've seen a couple. She has a great gritty style.

Go ahead an e-mail her as well (her e-mail is in one of the above posts).

There is a list of what she still needed at one point a few posts above as well. Won't hurt to send and ask something.

so i survived the plague. im not totally better but i can like, go outside and crazy shit now. i'm still doing these. i got like, six done and characters picked out for nearly all of them.

anyway the grand cartoonists gala in seattle is in like a week and a half or something stupid and i'm hustling to get something ready for that (and what will i wear!!!) & trying not to throw up cause my comic got a print date.

in the meantime here check out lucky

chad what did your website do to my drawing
The drawing is freaking amazing, but more importantly, I'm very glad that you are recovering. Hope to cross paths with Lucky soon. We all miss her, some way or another.
Very nice. :)

And you continue taking care of yourself.

Have fun at the show and then cross paths here again soon.

ciao for now.