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Sindome-ish Anime Recommendations!

I watch a lot of anime that while it isn't exactly cyberpunk, I feel it relates to SD in terms of emotions in some way. So! I wanted to list them. If you have similar recommendations (even cyberpunk ones!), feel free to list them too. Also list why people should watch them!

Magical Girl Raising Project

A group of magical girls are forced to play a survival game in order to keep their powers and their lives. They naturally turn to plotting, double-crossing, and assassination to be the "winner" of the round. Ruthless tactics that remind me of SD.

Kaiji (Ultimate Survivor and Against All Rules)

Kaiji is a bum who winds up owing the Yakuza money because he cosigned on a loan and the original debtee disappeared. He ends up making a trip through the underworld of mob bosses and high-stakes gambling as a result. Very dark, people die. Comparisons of haves against the have-nots.

Magical Girl Site

Magical girls are granted powers... but the targets for such power-granting are people whose lives (and minds) are often broken. As such, some very fucked-up things happen. Has a lot of characters who kill for fun and have a lust of power. In fact, many of those types of characters are present, and they lust after power for various reasons (pure thrill, psychological, etc). Great study in how to build a broken character like that!

Watch Cowboy Bebop, then watch the movie, then watch all of it all over again because it's just Sindome, complete with everything being completely ridiculous and tragic at the same time and no one ever really getting anywhere in life.
Ergo Proxy

A dome of consummerism and banality; a surrounding wasteland of poverty and death; dark government and corporate interests; and the question of what defines humanity.

Ghost in the Shell: The manga and series as a whole is a major cyberpunk influence. The first movie was good, but the Dub was terrible and changed the entire feeling of the film. The Second movie, Innocence, is my favorite and has a gritty noire aspect. The Stand Alone Complex series are unrelated and have a different tone but are well received with a good dub (personally like the fansub the best). The other shows and movies are not as interesting but still worth watching.

Serial Experiments Lain: Personal favorite of mine, up there with Ergo Proxy. Its a slow and artistic piece using visual story telling. It starts out confusing and hard to figure out, but each episode starts to stitch everything together. Looks a lot into how people interact in a digital age. Very layered and interesting.

Psychopass: Imagine a "utopia" where your life is planned by a computer algorithm. There is no typical police force because everyone's metal state it constantly monitored. This story follows a unit of judge like individuals who are confronted with a series of serial murders that test the limits and shortcomings of a supposedly perfect system. (Personally preferred the 1st season which was more psycho thriller, 2nd season was still good, movie wasn't bad, hoping for a season 2.)

Gunslinger Girl: Haven't finished this one yet but was very surprised. The title makes it sound pretty ridiculous, until the moment you start watching it. In the this future are young girls who are bed ridden with illness, crippled, and often several mentally scarred, who are turned into cyborgs for an Italian police force. They then undergo "conditioning" to suppress emotions, and training to take on jobs as hit men. The series explores morality and the psychology of lives these child weapons face. Very depressing but interesting.

Jin-Roh: This is a film that explores an alternate reality, what if Japan had taken a different approach post WWII and become a more totalitarian state. Domestic terrorism is rampant and the story follows a secret police agent facing some really well portrayed PTSD after he lets down his guard trying to apprehend a suicide bombing young lady. Really good, really depressing.

Paprika: Lets make make a tool for psychologist that lets people enter your dreams. There is no way this could be abused...aaaand now its stolen and people can't tell what is a dream or reality. Not really cyberpunk, but it fits the abuse of technology theme and is really good and trippy. Sadly the director died, so no more of these masterpieces.

Ninja Slayer

I recently decided to take a chance on it to see how bad it is, and I ended up being blown away by how interesting the story actually is if you think of it as like a parody.

It's infamous for using lazy animation. But there are also some scenes that have actual production-quality animation.

And to my surprise, it's completely Cyberpunk!

It's about a city that is ruled by corporations, and their equivalent of CorpSec/Street-Samurais are called "Company Ninjas".

These ninjas vary from traditional ninjas to ninjas that use technology. It's a story about revenge and survival in a city full of crime and violence, with lots of quirky and lovable characters.

The story contains concepts like cloning (Clone Yakuzas and Police officers), SIC (IRC I think?), and shady corporations (The Soukai Syndicates, The Weapon Testers, etc).

This anime is also known for having lots of memorable quotes. Makes me want try some of those quotes in the dome someday.

It's also full of fan-service (which some jokingly say is where most of the show's budget went, other than for fight scenes), so be careful where you watch this from!

How could I have forgotten GITS and Jin-Roh, I am ashamed.
Jin roh and ghost in the shell are fucken sick.

Tossing out Akira.

How come Akira wasn't mentioned until now?