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Sindome Motto's
Motto's to Play by

I've been thinking we need to have some motto's. Little tidbits of info that we can live and RP by. Like in AA or AlAnon ;) So I want everyone to come up with some. The best ones will end up collected somewhere, and displayed to players. Perhaps i the @who, or on the website, or when you connect or something. They can be both IC (for your character) and OOC (for the player). I'll start.

It's not personal. It's Sindome.

All's fair in war and Sindome.

Bad for my character means fun for me.

Keep Calm and Roleplay on.

An update a day keeps betrayal away.

Live fast, die young and wake up a beautiful clone.

One clone at a time.

IC Quotes

Don't matter what way ya go in, as long as you come out on top

Have you started some shit today?

Livin' in the dome, and gettin' dome are two totally different things

Candy is sweet, but so'z bashin' on the Jakes

OOC Quotes

Never assume anything in Sindome, it usually only makes an ass out of yourself

Start out wanting to be a badass, then find a way to make yourself a bad ass

You ain't your character, same goes for the other person.. so roll with what given to your character, good or bad.