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Sindome Music
Welcome to Withmore

So for the past year or more I have been toying with the idea of producing music for Sindome. Call it a soundtrack of sorts. I haven't produced music in about a year and decided to self start this project on my own. I am currently in process on the first Track entitled "Welcome to Withmore." I am trying to gauge a feel of what it would be like approaching and entering the city and would love some feedback. So here is a sample. It is not a full release and only shows off the basic concept of the arrangement and some of the vocals I have used.

Enjoy! :)

Note: This is not mixed down yet so some audio levels are off, might be a little on the high end on some things.

I had to wait until I passed a WiFi point to listen to this, but this was a -tune-. Keep on keeping on chum. Hope you enjoyed making it as much as I enjoyed listening to it.