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Sindome on Steam?
Is this possible?

Was reading a reddit post about MUDs and someone suggested getting MUDs available on Steam as a free to play game, seems like a great way to get more people checking it out. Is this possible for us?
I think it would make things complicated, related to our IC/OOC rules.
Agreed. Too easy to start bypassing the IC/OOC communication rule.
More than anything a game needs to be approved by steam, you need to follow their rules, and you need to work with their API. I don't even know if the way Sindome is coded would allow for that to work. Would probably need to be in conjunction with some huge changes on the Steam end as well.
Yeah, even if in-game you don't know someone's Steam name, Steam will tell you if your friends are playing Sindome on its supposed store page. Then the meta plans begin.