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Sindome Players' Radio
By players, for players.

After discussing with the few people who were on today, I've tentatively set up an IceCast for us to play themely/mood music while playing the game.

ATM it can support 25 listeners which should serve pretty much anyone who wants to listen since at best SD hovers around that many players at once anyway.

You can connect to the server with the following players using the links:

Windows Media Player:
Real Player:

There is also a web player and request widget here:

I'm going to keep it up for a month or two to gauge interest. If no one's into it I'll take it down. If you all enjoy and connect to it I'll leave it up.

I should point out that the web player is a bit unstable so it can disconnect you and play the station ID file again.

Best to use one of the players (Winamp, WMP, etc) if you're not behind a corporate firewall.

Also the Windows Media Player one works in other players that can read the file but not in actual WMP. The balls is this.

I suggest using the winamp file in anything that can read that filetype.

Confirmed working so far: