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Sindome Streets
Can you find some good ones?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to visit this site: and see if you can find any cool street combinations!

How about Cyber Ct and Industrial Avenue in Placer County California?

This one was amusing, but not CP:

Fantasy Lane and Snow White Terrace

Godwin, IL

Cyber Dr and Jujube Dr

Fairfield County, SC

Cyber Place and Data Place

University, FL

Justice Dr and Equality St

South Riding, VA

Hacker Valley Rd. & Mud Lick Rd.

Webster County, WV

Laser Lane & Research Parkways

New Haven County, CT

North Mixer Way & West Via Dichosa

Picture Rocks, AZ

Genetic Center Dr. & Sequence Dr.

San Diego, CA

Clone Run Rd. & Destiny Lane

Morgan County, WV

Triple Xxx road, Industrial Road

Logan County, OK

Flash Dr, Commerce Road

Pine Bluff, AR

Means more to my character, but this gave me lots of giggles.

Old Mono Road, Mariposa Dr

Cold Springs, CA