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Sindome Workshops
What do you want to see?

Hey All -

I'm considering running some workshops in game in an OOC area. You would attend in a way similar to attending the town hall. These would be purely out of character and meant to develop all of our skills in playing the game and in role-playing.

These would be interactive workshops. Some ideas I have...

- fleshing out a character

- posing and emoting

- scripting

I'm looking for feedback on this idea and suggestions for what you all would find valuable.

-- S

I've had players reach out to me for these before.

Would definitely love to help and participate from both sides.

I would be interested in the Fleshing and Scripting workshops. Probably attend some other ones just to get some more experience across the board.

Good idea!! <3

Posing and emoting for me. I'm still learning the basics, and posing has been very challenging.
So excited to see these! A posing refresher would be great and I agree with the scripting. Especially since I have no idea what is even meant by scripting, so I obviously would find that helpful.
Interested more-so in fleshing and scripting, but all of the above. Can always learn new tricks. ;). Willing to help however possible.
It's a great idea (clearly).


Panel: how will this not devolve into mass chaos, with everybody posing and emoting and talking over each other? Whispers / asides can be noisy as well, so how to divide up / pair up / effectively ensure everybody gets personal attention?

Participants:Would a character not on the 'teaching panel' be given free reign to pose/emote/test things out? Because that'd be the first expectation I'd have....and if not, then there is a chance of disappointment / feeling of wasted time.

Timeline: If there is a structured sequence that builds upon things and characters are trying to join up 'late' or leave & then return to the forum, repeats of old stuff might be necessary. Or they might just be lost and then have to read the workshop in text later.

Opportunity cost: assuming these would be given during high-traffic time slots, there is an IC opportunity cost in terms of players advancing plots. Maybe worth it, maybe not.

Repeatability: since this need will still be around down the line, how can it be structured so that it is easily repeatable / sustainable at a desired frequency?

Possible solution: isn't this why we have the tutorials? Couldn't there just be a scripted 'workshop' that individuals go through, and then maybe they get spit out at the end into an OOC-area where they can test things out, maybe there is an NPC there or player characters can volunteer their time?

Looking forward to your thoughts. I am probably just overthinking things.

I'd be very interested in a scripting workshop, for sure.
We did our first emote/pose workshop on Saturday! I think it went really well. Everyone came away with a better understanding of how things work.

I think Lena made some great points about chaos, repeatability, etc. I will run a few more of these pose workshops and as time goes on, attempt to hone in on the core of what needs to be taught and how to teach it. I think that can lead to a more structured presentation that can be translated into an @tutorial.

There is no real substitute for being in a room with a bunch of other people and trying out a bunch of random and silly poses on each other while getting feedback on those random and silly poses from those same people. I think that aspect of the workshops is what makes them truly valuable as opposed to an @tutorial where it's very one sided.

A lot of great questions were raised during the workshop. I want to attempt to address many of those questions up front next time. We will see how it goes. I will be @shouting about running workshops in game from time to time and anyone who wants to join, can.

This will also give me a chance to better test/utilize some of the moderation tools I've been developing for the Town Hall.

Anyone want to offer any feedback on the posing tutorial that was run?

-- S

I found it very helpful. One of the challenges that I've had is that they didn't seem natural to me as I was typing them, so being able to get feedback from others there on what they could see has made me a lot more comfortable using them. Learning the commands and differences between emotes and poses was also a lot of help.

Thanks for running this for us.

I enjoyed the workshop, I was happy to find out the weird way I'd been doing poses works! And learned some additional stuff I didn't know, like ::'s! Thanks for running it!
Aww.. Didn't even realize that i was late to a very important date. :o(~. Or that it had even been scheduled yet, lol.
There were a lot of people on and I decided to run one impromptu. I will do so again :)
Are there plans for more of the pose/emote workshops? The last one was very beneficial to me. I wouldn't mind getting into another one to keep polishing what I've learned.
Workshops are awesome. I just wanted to point out that anyone can practice poses at any time in the emoting @tutorial - the mirror in there shows you how your poses appear to the other people.