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So my character just got flushed.
ultra newbie discovers sindome.

Well, as the title says, my character got flushed. Long story short, I was trying to get a handle on what my character could and could not do and got impossibly lost as I wondered around in the process. It didn't take to long to discover the command so, completely distracted by this point, because I love hidden things, I eventually found the sewers, accidentally got my character caught in some kind of crap vortex, (twice), before finally getting dumped in sewage treatment.

I haven't even initiated conversation yet (it's not just building confidence-I also want to learn my way around, at least without too much trouble) and I must know, is this normal? Is Sindome really the kind of game that throws unsuspecting n00bs down a literal vortex of human refuse or was I just unlucky/stupid? Did anyone else have something this bad happen or something worse? Either way, I confess I'm now rather intrigued, this is definitely not something you get in graphical mmo's, that's for sure.

We did not throw you into the sewers.

For one, please avoid posting IC (In Character) information on these boards, secondly. Think of the dangers one would actually face, wandering around the sewers of a city of 65 million people. It's not because you are a noob. It's because you wandered the sewers. Part of the reason for the WCS sicad stating "The city's sewer system is hazardous."

Hehe! You just hit a run of bad luck - I certainly didn't get flushed my first few days, but I also didn't poke around the sewers.

Generally, if you apply real-world logic in terms of being careful, then bad things like that won't happen to you. You wouldn't spelunk in a sewer in real life, after all!

Sindome is definitely not anything close to a graphical MMO. There's no mobs to grind, no quests besides the ones you make for yourself or the ones made by other players - you don't even have to fight! I've played for months and never got into a violent altercation.

There are all kinds of hazards which can do in a noob, or a not-so-new character too.

Read room descriptions. Try to apply a little common sense as if it were a realistic situation. Read character descriptions.

I think it's fair to say this game is actually safe for people who don't press their luck. The likelihood that something you have absolutely no control over is going to harm your character is pretty-dang low. (Player-characters being the wildcard. We might rob you, especially if you make yourself vulnerable. We almost certainly won't kill you, or even hit you a little, without provocation.)

Stick around, it's incredible fun to learn how to overcome and triumph over the hazards, including the worst ones of all, the player-characters.

I'm a newb but here's my two Chyen;

Sindome seems to be... pretty fair. I don't believe that the problem is that the game is unnecessarily unforgiving for new players. Rather, graphical MMOs tend to coddle their player base. Just exercise your judgement as you would in real life; should I avoid that twitchy, mean looking guy? Is it worth taking a shortcut through that dark alley? So far my impression has been that where there's any chance of danger, the danger is pretty self-evident and you decide whether you want to subject yourself to that risk or not. This is true to life.

Firstly, sorry about posting in the wrong board-I normally don't do that but wasn't paying as much attention as I should've.

Truth be told, the whole ordeal was the most fun I've had in a while, even if it was the direct result of my own idiocy. Next time though, I'll try to par a little more attention to where I'm going.

oh you too :D