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Something I thought people may like.

So in my college course we had to draw an environment not to big. So i thought as this game here is one of my favourite of all I would draw an area from the game. Just stating I am in no way a great artist what so ever but because the gm's work so hard to keep this game in check I thought they and all players may like to have a look and see that this game effects people who play it and just strives them to active their creative sides. So as I don't contribute much at all to this game in honesty the only thing I could think to contribute was this small drawing a made of a small part of the city I hope you enjoy and if for any reasons some of you do not approve of it's presence it can always be taken down if asked to.

Thank you for your time.

I can't argue with explosions

That's really good! Well done.

Thank you!

Nice job.

I really like it. Thumbs up! :)