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Staff Support Thread
Staffers Rule!

Hi all,

You know me in-game, if you frequent the OOC channel, as Sybele. I wanted to make a post wherein those who choose can share their positive experiences and views of Sindome's staff.

We often fail to realize that, when it comes down to it, you could count the number of staff members on two hands or less. That's a very small number of people required to handle and keep track of a vast number of issues. Animations, background plotting, code development, individual character progress, overall story arc progress, and so on. It's a really big, demanding job which is made even more stressful by abusive and unappreciative people. I know, because I was (to my great regret) once one of those people.

Staff could've easily gotten rid of me. They've had to void or ban me a few times, and they could've made it permanent. Instead, they gave me another chance each time until the lesson of patience/respect/understanding finally got drilled into my head. What's more, even as they did this, they emphasized that they wanted me to stay and even told me the positive qualities they saw in me. Sybele was a happy chica to hear that she had any!

So, I'd like to give a little something for each staff member. I can't cover them all because I've interacted with so many (and I'm really bad with names), so I'll confine it for the moment to the ones I've dealt with most frequently.

Johnny: Johnny was one of the first staff members, if not the first, I spoke to on Sindome. I explained to him that I was physically disabled, in pain, and that I'd come to the game to get away from it all in my head whenever possible. He was kind, friendly, understanding. When I got around to donating for a perma pad, Johnny spent time out of his schedule to ensure that I received what I'd hoped for and that I was pleased with it. When I've had legitimate problems, sometimes we've been able to talk quietly and he's calmed me down. A really great guy, and as a fellow game owner, I truly appreciate what he's accomplished here.

Slither: Slither and I have sometimes had a rocky relationship due to my above mentioned mistakes, but he has ultimately always been as fair with me as was possible. I would say more about the GMing side, but a lot of it's IC. Actually, it was through interacting with the many characters Slither has inhabited throughout my time that I derived the most benefit from knowing him. He's a great writer and puts everything into what he does.

Cerberus: Cerberus has taken a lot of knocks lately, and it's unfortunate because he is totally committed to Sindome and its players. Yes, someone has to bring down the hammer when you fuck up, and it's often him. What you don't realize (but which I know well from my own game) is that this is a really difficult thing to do. He takes no joy in it, of that I am certain. Setting that aside, as Head GM, he's juggling a lot of issues and doing it exceptionally well. Cerberus happens to be the GM most active during the hours I play, so when I have issues, it's often him addressing him. I feel that he's been fair with me in that respect. When I came back from my latest (and hopefully, last) ban, I decided to take on and keep a promise he inquired as to whether I could keep concerning commitment. In return, he assured he'd continue giving time to my character's story rather than taking it as the waste any Head GM easily could have, and I think it has paid off so far.

LInekin: I think Linekin can be rather matter of fact sometimes, and that people read this as being mean or unfriendly. He's just devoted to his job and maintains professional separation. However, Linekin's a very hard worker and is most always among the first people to answer my xhelp messages and so forth. I'd also like to share that, recently, something bad and unexpected happened to one of my characters. I was unhappy, but I played the good sport and went along with it. The next day, that bad experience had produced unexpected rewards. Linekin took a moment from his time to point out to me that, because of my commitment, I really had been able to open doors to things I wanted. It was a good eye-opener moment and really showed me how what staff had been trying to teach was worth learning.

Jinx: Jinx and I honestly haven't been able to talk much in quite a while. However, we've collaborated a *lot* in the past on building and describing projects both big and small. In spite of the sometimes rocky occasions, I really enjoyed those opportunities given to contribute (in one case, in a big way) and to have a lasting impact upon the world.

I'm sure there are more experiences, but my memory being what it is, I'll have to add them in replies later should they come up. I just wanted to give as many staffers as I could their due. As a whole, I believe they have made me a better person *and* improved my life as much as was fair due to their knowledge of my health issues. They've allowed me to have my fun, given me a wonderful world in which to lose myself thanks to the sucky RL I have, and they're just a good bunch of people all around.

I think that last line deserves emphasis. In the end, whatever titles they hold or coded powers they wield, they're still ordinary people behind the keyboard. No better or worse than you or I. When you're about to go off on them or hellbent on giving them a hard time, stop and remember that you're dealing with a volunteer whose primary job is to make sure that this game you're passionate enough to get angry over continues running. Take a breath, and then try to keep it as civil as you would if the conversation were face to face. They deserve that much.

Thank you for your thoughts here. They are appreciated!
I am a very new player, and so haven't had many interactions with staff yet, but the ones I have had have been pleasant and productive. In light of the tension between some players and some staff members, I'd just like to give a big thank you to all of the staff who make this game possible.
Thank you to all the Staff, past present and future. Your hard work is amazing. You guys rock.
I thought I should post this, since it would go under staff appreciation.

I decided to take a small break from Sindome and played another Mud for a little while and despite the good roleplayers, there was no staff what so ever. At least visibly too help or do anything. The game was mostly run by the players and I don't think i've ever seen such IC and OOC abuse of information sharing and staff not doing anything about it. They have some good coded things but that only goes so far.

So I have to say I -really- appreciate having staff on this gave and having them crack down -hugely- on the whole IC and OOC situation of sharing information that characters shouldn't know.