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Starting out with a vison
Pic or no pic?

Wanna pose a question to you lot. When you start out or when you start over do you prefer to find a picture you like to base a character off of and try to conform your look and outfit to that picture. Or do you start nothing an maybe have art done for your character. Personally I fall in the latter.
I found a few RL inspirations :) My character is a mix of a few people with a few random things I kinda just popped in there. I'm not sure anyone will see my character just like I do, so I'm not so sure I'll get a portrait done. Maybe eventually? I'd probably give them a few of those inspirational pictures to go off of.
My first character was designed after an old friend of mine, who had Bipolar and Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and a drug addiction. She'd do crazy shit like throw bricks and debris at her boyfriends car because he fucked up her order at Taco Bell, but the majority of the people who saw her in real life, would have said she was the sweetest lady... And I wanted to capture that sort of chaotic personality. The kind of person who could go from 0 to tossing someone from a moving vehicle at the drop of a hat if she wasn't getting her way. Obsessive, but also obsessively dedicated to putting up a front of being nice.

I tend to come at it with a personality in mind more than an appearance. My next character is significantly less obviously crazy though... Some people have caught onto to the character flaws I baked up into this one though.

My very first character I started off with a vision of their hair, then drew a picture and went from there.

My current character was slapped together and I just pulled ideas out of my ass. Another artist was the first one to draw her, but I sent references for this and that.

I guess personality-wise, my first character had zero personality when I first started with her. I kind of adopted it from watching other people RP in the mix, and it grew slowly from there into something that I'm still in love with. The character seemed real to me, outside of myself, her own person.

My current character personality wise, I just decided on a few personality defects. A fixation, and a personality disorder. Still developing them a bit, its always a process for me.

Oh this was supposed to be visually, fuck.

Uhm, visually my first character was based on the Wendy's logo, to the point that I got comments on it ICly.

My second character has a lot of inspirations as far as looks. I'll list the main three.

Ruby Rhod from from the Fifth Element for general posture and demeanor.

Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill for attitude and style. For extra inspiration.

I like to draw visual inspiration from the tabletop game Eclipse Phase. Some of the designs are a little extravagant for Sindome, but many of the morphs fit.
"Starting out with a vision" is a funny way to put it, since I not only try to meld aesthetics and personality, helping to project both, but taking that even further with the eventual goals of my character and where I focused seeing them end up.

I'll admit, I go a bit nuts with it at times, and I don't know if I should accredit it to luck or skill, but I'm really glad with the way things have turned out so far in regards to visual representation translating also to the overall image of the character.

All that being said, I'm thankful to have found inspiration through one picture especially. If it hadn't been for this one image, I probably wouldn't have had such a solid grasp of the concept of where I was going and it's certainly helped me actualize various parts of the character into a cohesive form. Though there is always fear of being derivative, I like to think I took a somewhat unique concept and made it my own, but that's really up for the playerbase to decide.

It might be a bit on the nose, but maybe you all can appreciate it and perhaps even find your own inspiration and methods of character development from the image that's resulted in me having such a fulfilling experience as a player:

No visual inspiration.