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Staying IC with Tech/Knowledge?
utilizing OOC tools and resources?

This is a broad question, but I will try to give a specific example..

If my character studied mathematics, it would be perfectly fine if they understood what an integral(calculus) is or equations for probability.

But suppose my character was solving a mathematical problem and it was a difficult problem that would need a calculator and scratch paper.

Provided that my character has a paper, pencil, and a calculator in-game(a computer, a program on a device, a handheld calculator, etc) would this excuse me to use comparable OOC technology to work the problem for my character?


And expanding this example to other similar scenarios.

Definitely! A lot of fun of Sindome is doing the research on things you never learned before.

Characters skilled with guns or explosives will likely want to talk about their hobbies, so it isn't uncommon to search on Google for those topics.

Someone who has to identify a lot of face shapes and heritages will likely do significant research on the many categories of eye, ear, nose, cheek, and chin shapes.

I've seen players with characters in a medical, chemistry, or bio tech background say they read books or whitepapers on relevant topics in order to better RP their profession.

Tailors have billions of clothing websites to browse through.

And so on. My Google searches got weird after starting to play Sindome. 😅

Play to your stats.

Your history is like, background basically, it doesn't inform your IC abilities except in an expositional sense.

My google search history started looking all kinds of shady after I started playing, but 100% research into things that you're learning about, or should logically know about in game. That way if you need to bullshit something away, you have some fallback knowledge to go to. It just adds that little bit more to your roleplay, makes you look like someone who knows their shit, and not just someone who dumped a stat/skill or whatever.