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Tagging and painting vehicles.
Vandalism / art?

I was playing with the idea of painting something funny on a vehicle, bought a can of spray paint to test it out, but realized you can only write/draw stuff on walls, being inside a vehicle, housing or other. It would be really awesome to be able to write, tag or paint cars or other vehicles with cans.

+1 to reckless and wanton defilement of personal property. Don't want my art on your shit...park it in a garage.

I like this idea. Plus uno.

I'm not sure this can't be done.

I haven't tried tagging something but I have seen some things already as you've described.

It is probably one of those things that is possible if you ask a GM over Xhelp to assist you in carrying it out, so that it is done in moderation and not abused.

Already ways to do this. Ask IC.

Well, maybe not with cans specifically, but still. Ask IC.