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Thank You

Hi all,

I just wanted to offer thanks to those of you who supported me when I started chatting on OOC again and reported that my beloved grandmother was passing.

She did indeed pass a few days ago. With help, I managed to get out of bed for long enough to attend the funeral. I'm not religious, but it was a beautiful graveside service I think she would've been happy with.

I took the loss of my grandmother very hard and did some foolish things because of it (which is why I am presently banned), but I think I'm through the grieving process. Without any friends in the flesh and blood, your care and kind words the night before and on the morning of her death consoled me a great deal.

Thanks very much,


Losing someone is never easy, and I've lost both of my grandparents.

If you ever need to talk or something I'm here, I wish you the best and stick close to your friends.

Sincerely, you have my sympathy.
I look forward to seeing my best of friends when I am able to return to the game. Until then, you're all surely missed. :)

I understand what you've went through, in my own way. She was my last living grandparent. Your offer to talk is much appreciated, Esther.

Thank you very much for that, Linekin. I'm grateful.
I am sorry to hear that. I hope you can findn console in her present state of peace and rest. As Esther said, I'm always open to chat too.


Much obliged, Kuzco. It was something of a blessing that she was finally given peace. 96 and in full dementia, so truthfully, she wasn't really there anymore.

That said, it was still very hard, given that she practically raised me half of my life. I regret that my distress over the course of her passing led me to do dumb things which, among other problems, has me on a ban here for a period of time. I feel quite badly about that. However, when one is already stressed and then tragedy occurs, foolishness one regrets in hindsight is sometimes bound to follow.

The offers from all to talk with me are gratefully accepted. However, until I can log in again and chat on OOC, discussion is a bit hard. :) Sooner than later, I hope shall be the case. Everyone from top to bottom has been very compassionate and helpful here, as is to be expected from the players and staff I've come to call my only group of friends.